OCLC partners with Wiley to offer seamless workflows

OCLC is pleased to partner with Wiley to automate the maintenance of your library's holdings, eliminating the need for manual management of these collections by library staff.

This means that (with your permission) Wiley will provide weekly updates to OCLC containing your library-specific holdings data (including new and deleted titles) so that OCLC can automatically:

  • register your titles in the WorldCat knowledge base
  • keep your WorldCat holdings up-to-date for your Wiley collections
  • provide full-text links to ensure seamless access
  • deliver customizable MARC records with ongoing updates as your subscriptions change over time

To learn how to make your Wiley titles easier to find, access and manage, please visit https://oc.lc/wiley.

"Automating library workflows is the clear trend in library innovation and a key area of focus for both OCLC and the publishing community," said David Woodworth, OCLC Manager of Business Development and Publisher Relations. "We're delighted to partner with Wiley to offer seamless workflows for our mutual subscribers."

For a complete list of providers that partner with OCLC to automatically add and maintain your library-specific collection data, please visit https://oc.lc/autoload.

Note:  If your institution currently uses WorldCat cataloging partner collections with Wiley, you will receive more information in the coming weeks. Please feel free to contact OCLC support in your region if you have any questions by visiting https://oc.lc/support.

About Wiley

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