Place of Publication searching now available in GreenGlass


GreenGlass users can now use the MARC "place of publication" code to identify the country and/or state and province where a title was published. This new search option empowers libraries to better understand collection diversity by knowing whether a work about a place was published in that place, or if it was published in a distant, common publishing location, such as New York or London. 

Libraries are increasingly interested in making sure their collections include under-represented voices; that works about a place don’t simply reflect dominant colonial views, but those of colonized peoples as well. The language of a work—also searchable in GreenGlass—can also be used to help with such analyses.

Current GreenGlass libraries can see example queries with screenshots and participate in discussions about this enhancement in the GreenGlass and Shared Print community.

For more information about GreenGlass, please visit oc.lc/greenglass


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