GreenGlass empowers libraries to make print serials deselection decisions with confidence

OCLC’s GreenGlass® now further empowers libraries to confidently make print collection management decisions by supporting the responsible deselection of serials. GreenGlass is a premium web-based collection analytics tool that allows libraries to explore, compare, and visualize collection attributes to make evidence-based decisions about their print collections.

“A growing number of libraries are using GreenGlass to analyze their print monographs collection and inform retention and deselection decisions. We’re excited to now offer that same level of support for serials,” said Andy Breeding, Senior Product Manager at OCLC. “GreenGlass offers insights that help libraries advance their collection strategy quickly, efficiently, and with a degree of confidence that no other solution can provide.”

By leveraging and comparing data in WorldCat®, JSTOR, and other known journal archives, GreenGlass equips libraries with the insights needed to take local action in a collective context and protect the scholarly record. These insights allow libraries to see how widely their serials titles are held and if their serials titles are held in known journal archives; to compare the extent of their serials holdings with those in known journal archives; to see which of their journal runs are out of date or incomplete; to segment their collection by location, subject, language, or publication status; and to search by title, ISSN, OCLC number, and OCLC work ID.

“Serials are often left out of print collection analyses because their data are more complex and pose a different set of challenges than monographs data,” said Breeding. “For these reasons—and because serials typically make up a significant portion of a library’s physical collection—a proper analysis has been time-consuming and cumbersome. GreenGlass does the work for you, which means libraries benefit from significant savings of both time and effort.”

Libraries have historically focused on establishing retention commitments in shared print programs, leaving a gap in the market for robust decision support tools that enable the safe deselection of titles. Barnes noted that while it’s important to know what libraries and groups have committed to retain, registration data is only a small part of the overall collection landscape and by itself doesn’t equip libraries to fully see the impact of their collection management decisions.

For more information about serials deselection using GreenGlass, please visit oc.lc/greenglass. For more information about shared print registration and discovery using OCLC services, please visit oc.lc/sharedprint.