New security features help defeat hackers and avert data breaches

The release of EZproxy version 7.1 introduces powerful new security features. These updates significantly improve library security in an environment where data breaches threaten library network security and interrupt e-resource access, and are more frequent and sophi­­sticated. We’ve added:

  • A robust and customizable set of security rules that automatically identify and disable compromised single sign-on credentials before they can be used to exploit systems.
  • An optional pseudonymous user identifier that maintains patron privacy, resolves security issues faster, and provides more continuous access to e-resource subscriptions.

“Remote access to e-resources is more critical than ever,” said Mary Sauer-Games, OCLC Vice President, Global Product Management. “OCLC is committed to helping libraries provide the most reliable and secure access possible while continuing to advance the crucial role they play in protecting patron privacy.”

Transform library security

Detecting data breaches and finding the corresponding compromised user credentials can be challenging and time-consuming. Library staff can now use the real-time information from EZproxy’s set of security rules to swiftly notify IT of a breach, disable account access before any systems are compromised, and investigate the cause to improve security protocols. They are also customizable so libraries can easily align with unique security workflows to be in the optimal position to mitigate data breaches.

Streamline e-resource access

A data breach can interrupt access for all library users if content providers turn off licensed database access to protect e-content. Library staff can now use an optional feature in EZproxy that enables content providers to better determine the unauthorized user in the event of a data breach and avoid turning off licensed database access for all users. Because OCLC prioritizes patron privacy, we have designed the pseudonymous user identifier to streamline access to library e-resources without exposing any patron information.

Mitigate emerging threats

These new EZproxy features were carefully piloted with a diverse group of libraries to account for unique workflows, and we will continue to make enhancements to address emerging threats. We will also integrate new security insights into EZproxy Analytics, a turnkey analytics service that helps libraries better understand and communicate their e-resource ROI.

To learn how libraries are using the new features to mitigate security threats, watch a panel discussion with some of our EZproxy pilot program participants.

Watch the security panel discussion