Surfacing the best access options for users: discovery's role in smart fulfillment

Danielle Bromelia /

As we forge deeper into 2021, we continue innovating across the organization toward our library on-demand vision, which works to leverage technology, tools, and capacity to create impactful end-user experiences. Ultimately, library on-demand will provide immediate access and smart fulfillment of valuable resources, connecting library staff and end users to a massive global inventory through the power of WorldCat.

Our focus areas include intuitive discovery, smart fulfillment, personalized experience, and powerful network—and we’ve made tangible progress in a wide variety of ways. Today I want to highlight the achievements of my resource sharing colleagues and share how we’re supporting smart fulfillment through enhancements to WorldCat Discovery.



Learn how smart fulfillment functionality connects library staff and users to valuable resources from libraries worldwide—without extra effort or increased costs. 

Watch the smart fulfillment update given by Peter Collins and Jay Holloway at ALA Midwinter.

To meet the evolving expectations of today’s information seeker, fast, convenient, and intuitive are not enough. With smart fulfillment, a user’s request sets a dynamic, data-driven process in motion that delivers accurate resource options and delivery recommendations in just seconds, enhancing the discovery and access to an ever-growing collection of e-resources, articles, e-books, serials, and physical items from OCLC’s network of more than 10,000 libraries around the world.

Discovery plays an important role in the smart fulfillment process, which is why we’re excited to release the “best access options” feature in WorldCat Discovery. This feature will use a library’s fulfillment inputs to determine the best physical and electronic fulfillment choices for users, helping them more quickly obtain the most appropriate items available.

For our WorldCat Discovery users, I invite you to learn more about the best access options.

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