FAST headings for COVID-19

Several new headings have been established to assist FAST users when cataloging resources about COVID-19.  The new headings are based on Library of Congress Subject Headings assigned to WorldCat records that contain the term ‘covid 19’ in a title field. Some examples are:

  • Coronavirus infections--Alternative treatment
  • Coronavirus infections--Diagnosis
  • COVID-19 (Disease)--Treatment
  • Ridesharing--Safety measures
  • Shelters for the homeless--Sanitation
  • Travel restrictions--Government policy

The new headings were added to searchFAST on 1 June 2020. The heading for COVID-19 (Disease) has also been added to importFAST enabling users to construct valid main heading/subheading combinations for the topic. The newly added headings are available as a separate update to FAST changes dated 2020-05-29 (70 Records). Links to the applications and files are given below. For comments, please contact the FAST Team.

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