University of Twente to offer improved collaborative services with WorldShare Management Services from OCLC

University of Twente (UT), an entrepreneurial research university, has chosen WorldShare Management Services (WMS) to support management of electronic content, to enhance business processes, and to facilitate partnerships across the global library network.

The selection of WMS confirms UT’s commitment to continued investment in electronic content. Its selection also supports UT’s unique campus collaboration between companies, researchers, and students. University of Twente is the Netherland’s only campus university, and The Living Smart Campus is the embodiment of its stated intention to make its research visible to a wider audience.

UT has just over 10,000 students and 3,000 staff members. It’s also home to nearly 2,000 researchers who generate around 2,500 publications every year. Its library boasts a large collection across an enormous range of research topics, and its scientific impact is high. With the adoption of WMS, all four of the Netherland’s technical universities are now partnering with OCLC, which offers opportunity for collaboration and workflow efficiencies.

WMS makes it possible for member libraries to share data and output globally, resulting in cost savings, work efficiencies, and enhanced value to users. WMS reporting facilities give libraries worldwide the opportunity to collect and interpret data, and WorldCat Discovery offers users an intuitive search across collections. The benefits of data sharing through WorldCat is well established among the UKB—a consortium of thirteen university libraries and the national library—to which UT is committed.

About University of Twente

The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university, founded in 1961. UT provides education and research into scientific fields that range from public administration and technical physics to biomedical technology. UT is the only university in the Netherlands that has a campus: studying, working, living, doing business, and relaxing mainly focus on one location, the Drienerlo estate. This campus is also used as an instrument for the academic and personal training of students and to promote entrepreneurship. As an internationally leading university, UT determines the innovative power of the region.

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