OCLC partners with StackMap to enhance discovery experience for library users

Integration of StackMap demonstrates expanded interoperability of WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery StackMap interface
WMS users that subscribe to StackMap can now offer
users detailed maps and directions to the locations of
physical items within their library, directly from the
WorldCat Discovery interface.

OCLC is partnering with StackMap, an indoor mapping and way-finding service, to enhance the discovery of library materials by providing maps and detailed directions to the location of physical items within a library.

Libraries currently using WorldShare Management Services (WMS) can subscribe to StackMap and integrate within the WorldCat Discovery interface to enhance the user experience. After identifying a desired physical item using WorldCat Discovery, users are now able to locate the item within the library without the difficulty of navigating through the stacks armed only with a call number.

"OCLC's partnership with StackMap improves the search and fulfillment experience for library users and researchers," said Cathy King, Executive Director of Delivery Services at OCLC. "This kind of partnership demonstrates an innovative step in expanding the interoperability of WorldCat Discovery."

“StackMap extends both the breadth of service and the ease of access to physical resources within a library catalog,” said StackMap CEO Lex Cooke. “Our team is thrilled to be part of this next step for WorldCat Discovery users and the enhanced research experience that this integration provides.”

As an indoor mapping platform, StackMap provides users with a detailed map and written directions to the location of physical items within the library. While OCLC libraries previously had the ability to use StackMap through StackMap's browser extensions, mutual subscribers will benefit from this native integration with WorldCat Discovery through a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

WMS libraries that subscribe to StackMap and use WorldCat Discovery as their search interface can immediately integrate StackMap. WMS WorldCat Discovery libraries who are interested in subscribing to StackMap to benefit from this integration can this integration can book a demo.