EZproxy 6.5 available

A new release of EZproxy took place on 21 February 2019.

This release contains an important feature that incorporates a real-time call out to a security API that validates the IP address of the requester and logs/denies access if the IP address is a known pirate/hacker. This greatly reduces the time-consuming and manual process of scanning log files for hacked credentials. The API calls out to a blocklist created by IP-intrusion.org and validated via theIPregistry.org giving libraries the power to ensure that their verified IP addresses are never included on the list. TheIPregistry.org is a repository that contains over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses from 60,000 content licensing organizations worldwide. Both IP-intrusion.org and theIPregistry.org are maintained by PSI Ltd. PSI is an independent third-party organization, which enables libraries, publishers and membership societies to work together securely and confidentially towards the common goals of facilitating legitimate access to scholarly content, eradicating IP misuse, eliminating subscription abuse, and combating cybercrime.

Please see the release notes for more information and instructions for how to enable this new feature. Self-hosted libraries can go to the Update and Install EZproxy page for Windows and Linux software. OCLC will reach out to hosted libraries about update scheduling.