CONTENTdm Featured Collections: March 2019

Organizations worldwide are using CONTENTdm to create thousands of outstanding digital collections and to provide easy access to their unique holdings.

This month, three collections are featured on the OCLC website: The Bohls Family Collection, The Basque Arborglyphs in Idaho Collection, and The Bill Wallace Digital Materials Collection. 

The Bohls Family Collection


Bohls Family Collection

Pflugerville Public Library

This collection consists of items belonging to Kent Bohls. The genealogy and family history document included in the collection were both created by Mr. Bohls and combined with the related family documents and photos. The collection provides both a detailed family portrait and a unique window into German immigration to Texas in the mid-19th century. Some of the items in the collection are valuable historic documents related to the Adelsverein and Fisher-Miller grants, early German efforts to establish settlements in Texas through land grants.


Basque Arborglyphs in Idaho


Basque Arborglyphs in Idaho

Boise State University

Basque sheepherders created these tree carvings, called arborglyphs, while working in remote areas throughout Idaho during the twentieth century. Loneliness and the need for communication moved the herders to leave their mark on the world around them. Usually written in Basque or Spanish, these arborglyphs record herders’ names, thoughts, and drawings and often represent the only historical data about sheepherders. Herders carved almost exclusively on aspens. As the trees grew, they healed themselves and black scars formed visible designs. On average aspens live less than 100 years; consequently, most of the oldest arborglyphs have already been lost. The threats of decay, fire, and vandalism accelerate the need for arborglyphs to be documented. The tree carving tradition began with the Basques and continues today by herders from Central and South America, most often from Peru and Chile.

The Bill Wallace Digital Materials Collection


The Bill Wallace Digital Materials Collection

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

This collection contains the articles and letters from the life of martyred Southern Baptist Convention Medical Missionary Dr. William Wallace, who served in China from 1935 to1951. This collection is significant for the fields of medical missions, Southern Baptist history, and Chinese history.