Now available: WorldShare Record Manager enhancements to support NACO functionality

OCLC announced in July 2018 that WorldShare Record Manager would be enhanced to support Name Authority Cooperative Project (NACO) functionality for creating and maintaining Library of Congress (LC) authority records.

This new functionality is now available and you have the option of using Record Manager in addition to Connexion for NACO work.

  • NACO members who already use Record Manager can start using Record Manager for NACO workflows by having their institution’s cataloging administrator (Record Manager users with the role Cataloging INST Admin) assign the role of AUTHORITIES_LC_NACO_NAME_AUTHORITY_FILE. This role allows users to create and update Library of Congress name authority records. 
  • If your institution is not already using Record Manager but are interested in doing so, please complete the online request form to request access. In the comments of the request form, please include the note that your institution is a NACO member. The individual who requests this access will be given the Cataloging INST Admin role once Record Manager is configured.

Features in WorldShare Record Manager now include:

  • The ability to create, add, derive, edit, and replace LC/NACO Name Authority records
  • Use of duplicate detection upon validating, adding or replacing authority records
  • Support for linking authority records
  • Access to the Online Saved – In Progress File and the ability to save and lock authority records
  • Support of the “submit for review” workflow for LC/NACO Name Authority file records
  • The ability to make changes to an authority record after contribution up until the daily distribution. With this change, if you contribute a new or updated NACO record and notice something you want to change, you will be able to do that within Record Manager on the same day, up until the time the file is distributed to LC.  After the daily distribution, the records will be locked in distribution as you experience now, until they come back from LC.
  • Please Note: Functionality to generate an authority record from a bibliographic record heading is not yet available; OCLC expects to add this functionality in the future.

To learn more about these features, please see the Record Manager release notes or if you have questions, please contact OCLC Support.