The Episcopal Public Library of Barcelona to add its collections to WorldCat

The Episcopal Public Library of Barcelona, the oldest preserved public access library in the city of Barcelona, has announced the addition of more than 124,000 bibliographic records of its catalogue collections to WorldCat.

This is one of the most important heritage libraries in Catalonia, Spain, especially in the fields of theology, the Bible, ecclesiastical sciences, history, religion, philosophy, arts and humanities. The Library has 361,000 volumes, 95 incunabula, 600 manuscripts and 2,500 volumes from the 16th century with the oldest document dating back to the 14th century.

"WorldCat represents the largest network of library data in the world," said Eric van Lubeek, Vice President, Managing Director, OCLC EMEA and Asia Pacific. "Having languages like Catalan represented in WorldCat is vital for sharing regional culture and heritage with a global audience."

In addition, the Library also preserves part of the library holdings of the Ramon Llull University and functions as both a university and public library. It also provides services to students and faculty of Theology of Catalonia, the Antoni Gaudí Faculty of Christian History, Archaeology and Art, and the ISCREB. In total, it provides services to more than 800 students and more than 18,000 visitors per year.

About the Episcopal Public Library of Barcelona

The Public Library of the Episcopal Seminary of Barcelona (BPEB) is the oldest public library in the city (1772). It is a subsidiary of the Archbishop of Barcelona, managed by a Board consisting of representatives of the Seminary of Barcelona, Faculty of Theology of Catalonia, Faculty of Philosophy at Catalunya (Ramon Llull University) and the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona and governed by a charter dating from 1986.