Announcing new WorldCat cataloging partner collections from East View Information Services

OCLC is pleased to announce East View Information Services as a new material provider for WorldCat cataloging partner collections available in WorldShare Collection Manager.  East View Information Services is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with major offices in Russia and Ukraine, and is a leading provider of native and translated foreign language information products, including Russian, Chinese, and Arabic materials.

Libraries use cataloging partner collections to streamline workflows and get new print materials into circulation quickly. Order information from East View is automatically sent to OCLC.  Collection Manager processes this data, following your customized specifications, to match your ordered titles to existing WorldCat records, deliver MARC records and label files, and set holdings in WorldCat.  

If you are a cataloging partner collection user and would like to add an East View cataloging partner collection, please contact East View at books@eastview.com to get started. 

If you aren’t using WorldCat cataloging partner collections and would like to start, please visit http://oc.lc/wcpcollections to learn more or to see a complete list of material providers, please see http://oc.lc/wcpproviders