CONTENTdm Featured Collections: November 2017

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This month, three collections are featured on the OCLC website:  Saint Benedict's Monastery Archives, Italian Pamphlet Collection, and the Art Muscle Collection

Sisters potato picking

Saint Benedict's Monastery Archives

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

The archivists at the St. Benedict's Monastery, home of the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota, USA, document the history and mission of this Catholic order with more than 4,000 artifacts dating to 1857.


Italian Pamphlet Collection

Fordham University

This collection of approximately 1,600 short printed pamphlets was published in Italy, largely from 1815 – 1880, and markings on several of the items appear to link the collection with Cardinal Carlo Luigi Morichini (1805 – 1879) as a former owner. The pamphlets reflect the Catholic Church's outlook on and response to the sweeping changes occurring in 19th century Italy, a period that witnessed the national unification of the Italian peninsula and the corresponding secularization of civil, political, and educational institutions. During the unification, sometimes referred to as the Risorgimento or "rebirth," the church lost political and administrative control over the Papal States, much of its wealth in land holdings throughout the peninsula, and a large portion of its control and influence over political and educational institutions, being thus relegated to a largely spiritual role. The pamphlets also reflect Morichini's interest in various types of charitable institutions, especially hospitals, prisons, schools, and savings and loan organizations founded for the benefit of the poor. The bulk of the pamphlets were published in the former territory of the Papal States and the Papal Legations, where Morichini was active.


The Art Muscle collection

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Art Muscle Magazine (1986 – 1996) was a bimonthly art publication located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Initiated by writer, art historian, and curator Debra Brehmer while she was in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, the first issue was published in September 1986. Taking a democratic approach to the arts, it covered a range of activities from visual art to theatre, dance, music, architecture, and vernacular concerns. Art Muscle's circulation was 20,000.