CONTENTdm March 2017 release is now live

The March 2017 release for CONTENTdm is now live, and it further improves the newly redesigned end-user interface for CONTENTdm. The CONTENTdm responsive website adapts to any screen size and has significant usability, performance and accessibility improvements.

This release contains several additional improvements to the new responsive website:

  • Support for advanced customizations that make use of uploaded CSS files
  • Support for advanced customizations that make use of uploaded JavaScript files
  • Greatly improved speed when switching between items or pages in the compound object viewer
  • Improved loading speed of large PDF files
  • Improved disaster recovery and backups

For more details about this release, see the CONTENTdm Release Notes page. This release is available to users hosted in an OCLC data center.

Note: The responsive website exists alongside current 6.x CONTENTdm websites. Public URLs will default to version 6.x websites until you request to make the switch. Nothing in 6.x is changing in this release. When you are ready for your end users to start using the new responsive website, you will need to contact OCLC Support to schedule the upgrade.