CONTENTdm February 2017 release is now live

The February 2017 release for CONTENTdm is now live, and this release continues the launch of a completely redesigned end-user interface for CONTENTdm. The CONTENTdm responsive website adapts to any screen size and has significant usability, performance and accessibility improvements.

This release contains many requested enhancements and new features including:

  • Advanced search
  • A PDF viewer
  • Print and download
  • Sharing
  • A compound object viewer
  • IP and user restrictions
  • Full integration with Google Analytics

No action was required on the part of CONTENTdm users for this update. For more details about this release, see the CONTENTdm Release Notes page. This release is available to users hosted by OCLC.

Note: The new CONTENTdm responsive website in the February release exists side by side with current 6.x CONTENTdm websites. Public CONTENTdm URLs will still default to the 6.x websites, and nothing on those websites is changing. If you would like to view the new responsive website, you will be able to see it by adding /digital to the end of your CONTENTdm website URL. When you are ready for your end users to start using the new responsive website, you will need to contact Customer Support to schedule the upgrade.