The Harry Ransom Center has launched a new digital collections portal made possible by CONTENTdm’s support for IIIF

The Harry Ransom Center, an internationally renowned humanities research library and museum at The University of Texas at Austin, has launched a unique archive of diverse materials. This project pulls together open-source tools to visualize the center’s data, which is made possible with CONTENTdm’s support for the International Interoperability Framework (IIIF). This portal shares thousands of images through IIIF, and the collections include: literature, photography, film, art, and the performing arts. This month, the Gabriel García Márquez online archive was launched. The center has also implemented the Mirador image viewer for the display of IIIF image resources, which has allowed staff to use innovative technology to connect with their community.

One of CONTENTdm’s newest enhancements includes support for the IIIF Presentation API and allows users to leverage the work of the IIIF community. Coupled with previous support for the IIIF Image API, CONTENTdm sites serve as a platform for IIIF-compliant image viewers, such as Mirador and the Universal Viewer. Taken together, these two APIs provide the backbone of a platform for supporting end-user viewers. The Mirador project is an image viewer that gives end users the power to see multiple images in one window, even if those images are coming from separate digital repositories.

The IIIF Image API provides a common mechanism for manipulating digital images for display and download. The IIIF and support for these APIs in CONTENTdm allow users to link up with a larger community to extend the reach of digital repositories and connect them with a broader range of special collections.

Learn more by viewing the Harry Ransom Center’s press release.