CONTENTdm Featured Collections: February 2016

Organizations worldwide are using CONTENTdm digital collection management software to create thousands of outstanding digital collections and to provide easy access to their unique holdings.

This month, four collections are featured on the OCLC website. The featured collections for February are the Lawson Collection - Rev William "Bill" and Audrey Lawson Correspondence 1952-1954 Vol 1 collection, the USARI Legacy - Soviet Posters collection, the Collin County History Timeline, and the Early Washington Maps collection.

The Lawson Collection – Rev William “Bill“ and Audrey Lawson Correspondence 1952–1954 Vol 1

The Lawson Collection - Rev William "Bill" and Audrey Lawson Correspondence 1952-1954 Vol 1

Houston Public Library

These three volumes tell the story of a courtship that began between two people who had never seen each other, and lasted for 56 years. Most people know this couple as Rev. William (Bill) and Mrs. Audrey Hoffman Lawson. Audrey wrote to William on a dare in the women's dormitory at Tennessee State University. He had graduated from Tennessee State, and she transferred there from Stowe Teachers’ College in St. Louis after he had left. Bill wrote back to this unknown TSU student, and they started a correspondence that soon became a daily event.

USARI Legacy – Soviet Posters

USARI Legacy - Soviet Posters

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

The mission of the US Army Russian Institute (USARI) was to provide graduate-level Russian language and area training pertinent to staff and military attaché duties in support of the Department of the Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO) program. Students studied everything they could about the Russian language, ideology and political structure, as well as history, literature and sociological characteristics of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, developing a network of experts on Soviet military and political thought. Faculty consisted of former Soviet citizens who were born, raised and educated in Russia. The first were recruited after World War II, and this collection spotlights remnants of the many colorful Soviet revolutionary posters that were hung throughout the school.

Collin County History Timeline

Collin County History Timeline   

Plano Public Library

The library used the Collin County Timeline as a way to showcase a portion of its CONTENTdm image collection, giving a chronological narrative to the images and directing traffic back into those image collections. The timeline was created using JS Timeline, an open source tool, created by Northwestern University Knight Lab.

Early Washington Maps

Early Washington Maps

Washington State University Libraries

This collection includes more than 1,250 historic maps presented as high-resolution “zoomable” jpeg2000 files. They were created in collaboration with WSU Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections and the University of Washington Libraries.

Photo credit: University of Washington Libraries Manuscripts, Special Collections and University Archives Division.