The Seattle Public Library uses CONTENTdm to shine a light on the history of the Space Needle

With OCLC’s CONTENTdm, libraries can increase the visibility of their digital collections and make them more discoverable. CONTENTdm enables the storage, editing and display of digital collections, making them accessible online for searchers worldwide.

The Seattle Public Library has used CONTENTdm to showcase its digital collections since 2008. One of its many collections is the George Gulacsik Space Needle Photograph Collection, which highlights the creation of the Space Needle for the 1962 World’s Fair. This collection contains more than 2,400 images and a collection of George Gulacsik’s notes on the construction, which share the progress in great detail.

This collection has recently been featured in The Seattle Times and on an episode of the PBS NEWSHOUR. These news items share the origin and history of the Space Needle’s construction and highlight some of the vivid images from this digital collection that show the progress of the Space Needle’s construction. The images in the collection also share the sweeping views from atop the Space Needle.

The library has also used the CONTENTdm Website Configuration Tool to create a timeline that shows the construction of the Space Needle from April 1961 to the opening day of the World’s Fair. The CONTENTdm Website Configuration Tool enables website customization without doing any programming. It’s also useful for setting defaults; enabling or disabling components; choosing colors, fonts and styles; and describing a site and its collections. The Website Configuration Tool also accepts custom scripts, custom CSS and custom web pages to a library’s CONTENTdm site.

Seattle Public news item image 2016