WebJunction catalog of library courses free, open to all

In July 2014, the entire WebJunction catalog of library courses became free and open for all libraries to use. The response since then has been exciting: more than 9,000 library staff and volunteers have created accounts, and these individuals have registered for over 15,000 courses. If you, your staff or your colleagues aren't already using these resources, it is simple to create a free WebJunction learning account. This account will allow you to register for courses and track your learning progress.

Over these past eight months, WebJunction has been delivering new content and programs to help keep library staff skills and knowledge up to date:

  • 19 live, interactive webinars were produced, on such topics as Teaching Tech to Patrons and Staying Afloat in a Sea of Change.
  • 56 archived webinars were added to the course catalog, for a current total of 113. These archives include selected webinars from ALCTS, Infopeople, TechSoup and Montana State Library. Topics include Advocacy and Outreach, Programming and Training and Development.
  • Seven new courses on library-specific topics were created and added to the course catalog. There are ten different course categories, including Customer Service, Library Management and Technical Services—something for everyone.
  • More than 60 articles and news stories on library topics have been added to the website, with new content added each week.
  • The Competency Index for the Library Field was updated to include 21st century skills and other changes since 2009, and the new edition is available as a downloadable file.
  • Improvements to the course catalog usability and design have been implemented and will continue. We also continue to review and weed outdated content from WebJunction.org.
“WebJunction allows me in a remote and rural area to have professional and vetted access to information for a variety of uses...to assist patrons, to improve the skills of my staff, to solve opportunities that are presented in regard to delivery of services, to plan, to prepare rules and procedures, to promote services with the public, to improve our networking skills, etc., etc.”
– User comment from the 2014 member survey

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Happy learning!