OCLC Canada Advisory Council

Minutes — March 13th 2017

Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Joyce Garnett, University Librarian Emeritus, Western University
Madeleine Lefebvre, Chief Librarian, Ryerson University
Marie DeYoung, University Librarian, Saint Mary's University
Alexandra Freeland, Director, Information Management Services Directorate, Knowledge Management, National Research Council
Brenda Mathenia, University Librarian, Thompson Rivers University
Danielle Chagnon, Directrice générale de la Grande Bibliothèque, BAnQ
Debbie Schachter, Director, Learning Resources, Douglas College (afternoon)
Daniel Boivin, Executive Director, OCLC Canada, Latin America & the Caribbean
Bruce Crocco, Vice-President, Library Services for the Americas, OCLC

Suzanne Payette, Directrice, Bibliothèque publique de Brossard
Gwen Ebbett, Dean of Libraries, University of Windsor
Pierre Gamache, Director General, Published Heritage Branch, Library and Archives Canada

Submitted Agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval
  2. Review the minutes of the November 3rd, 2016, Meeting
  3. Discussion on the upcoming Global Council Meeting
  4. New addition to OCLC’s product offering from a Canadian firm – Relais International. 
    1. Bruce Crocco to briefly address this addition at OCLC
    2. Clare MacKeigan to talk about Relais and briefly present the application
  5. Key topics/areas needing to be discussed and reported at GC or Affecting Canadian Libraries (Group)
  6. Member Forum in Canada: any in 2017 or early 2018?
  7. Brief update from OCLC Canada:  BAC-LAC
  8. Terms on OCAC and OCAC Charter revision
  9. Other business
  10. Next meeting – With the Americas Regional Council in the US (?)
  11. End of Conference Call

1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval

  • Ms. Schachter started the meeting and nothing was modified or added to the agenda.

2. Review the minutes of the November 3rd, 2016 Meeting (update, questions)

  • Four (4) changes were requested, all on page 6.
  • The minutes were then accepted with these changes and will be posted on the Web.

3. Discussion on the upcoming Global Council (GC) Meeting

  • Ms. Schachter explained a few points on the GC agenda, specifically those related to the GC/ARC bylaw changes.   ARC had many WebEx sessions and discussions to develop these changes and the March meeting will be used to close this process and have the delegates vote on all the changes. 
  • The theme is “Global Resource Sharing”.  Ms. Schachter indicated that some pre-reading had been provided by Andrew Pace so attendees will be ready to discuss the topic.
  • Ms. Garnett asked if the part Ms. Kirsten Leonard is covering will be about her own personal experience or more of an ARC perspectives.  Unfortunately, nobody could provide further details.    
  • Mr. Crocco indicated that there will also be a focus on the elections, including electing a new Board Member.

4. New addition to OCLC’s product offering – Relais International

  • Mr. Crocco introduced Relais and Ms. MacKeigan.  At the same time, he briefly explained what this addition brings to the existing ILL offering at OCLC.  One of the main element of this transaction was that OCLC needed a path forward for VDX and group ILL.  OCLC has had a long partnership with Relais.  It sounded “natural” to explore further collaboration and this is the end-result.  He indicated that it took a bit of time to design a contract that would be a win/win situation for both organizations and of course the customers/users.  Currently, not all the questions are answered about the future ILL solutions offered by OCLC but we are working at clarifying these.  OCLC is excited about the potential and the migration path this brings to OCLC’s VDX users.
  • Ms. MacKeigan followed with a brief introduction indicating that as a small company, Relais International was starting to look at the future and when OCLC approached them to consider an acquisition, the timing was good and it sounded like a natural and best continuity for them but more importantly for their customers as well.  This acquisition helps expanding and building what they had been working on for the past 20 years and it also helps OCLC.  This is all still very new and there are lots of work to do to provide a complete and solid roadmap to OCLC’s resource sharing solutions but both organizations are already working on this together.
  • As Ms. MacKeigan said, she then introduced or re-introduced the delegates to Relais with a Ppt presentation describing the customer base, history and some of the key functionalities for D2D, which will be the application replacing VDX moving forward.  The presentation will be posted on the secure OCAC Web Site.
  • A couple of questions were then addressed: 
    • Is it available in French? Answer is yes.  Currently, the Supreme Court of Canada and Statistics Canada do use it in French.
    • Was it said that ILL requests can be transferred to the patron account maintained in the local ILS?  Yes, the ILL information can be provided using two models (NCIP or API) into the patron account currently located at the local ILS system.
  • Ms. MacKeigan concluded in saying that the intensive migration path planning for VDX is starting this April.  They at the same time will be identifying future developments that might be required to fill possible gaps with the goal of continuing improving D2D.

5. Key topics/areas needing to be discussed and reported at GC or affecting Canadian Libraries (Group)

  • Ms. Garnett mentioned that she appreciated Mr. Lugg’s presentation at OLA.  She felt that such presentations do give people a different perspective on OCLC and our strength as a library cooperative.  Ms. Freeland asked if it will be posted on Web and Mr. Boivin indicated this one will not, and was not recorded either.  Mr. Boivin will however try retrieving the link of the presentation Mr. Lugg gives to OCAC during the Vancouver meeting as it was very similar.
  • Ms. Mathenia indicated that more and more libraries need hard evidence.  She said that it helps the profession and individual libraries and such a tool brings solid data for analysis.  She uses it right now at her library.
  • Ms. Lefebvre said that in Ontario, OCUL universities will have to develop updated strategic mandates and that all of them at OCUL will be required to bring all kind of evidence to support their “claims” so she expects that tools such as GreenGlass will be needed more and more moving forward.  She added that they at OCUL are all in data gathering mode to support their various library initiatives.
  • Mr. Crocco and Ms. Garnett view this tool also as being used for better resource sharing between libraries and to make better decisions collaboratively.  GreenGlass combines more closely now with WorldCat and it facilitates use of large sets of data to provide more advanced results.   This helps finding new ways of being cooperative.
  • Ms. Garnett then said that libraries produce and use lots of data, and OCLC could help libraries working on outcomes using this data.  There is a niche there that OCLC could try developing additional solutions for libraries.  Ms. Chagnon supported this statement indicating that more libraries are expected to demonstrate a return on their investment:  funders specifically expect that.

6. Member Forum in Canada: any in 2017 or early 2018?

  • This item was discussed in parallel with item 10 as they are somehow related.
  • Ms. Lefebvre is in favor of combining the next in person OCAC meeting with ARC.  One caveat:  she thinks that crossing border may affect attendance to this event.  She indicated that GC attendance would possibly be down because of that.
  • Having OCAC on the Wednesday seems to make sense to all. 
  • Mr. Boivin indicated that a Member Forum could also be possible for 2017 if the Council felt that not many Canadians would attend ARC. 
  • Ms. Chagnon, suggested, if possible, to survey the members to see how many would attend ARC in Baltimore.
  • Ms. Mathenia indicated that Ottawa for a Member Forum in the fall might be a challenge because of the 150th anniversary.  For this coming fall, hotels are already quite occupied.   Ms. Chagnon indicated that Montreal could have a bit of the same issue because it is celebrating its 375th anniversary.
  • Ms. Lefebvre indicated that Mount Royal University will probably open its new library in 2017.  Having the Member Forum there would allow attendees to also visit the library (assuming there would be attendees from other provinces knowing OCAC will not meet in Canada this fall). 
  • The group felt that having a Member Forum in the fall is a good idea as we are unsure of the ARC attendance by Canadians and this would mean that there would be no Forum in Canada for 2017 if it was skipped.   Calgary sounded like a possible location for this.  Mr. Boivin agreed to verify with his colleagues from the Member Relation team regarding the availability for a meeting in the fall.  If this was not possible, spring of 2018 is the next time to consider and that one then could be in Ottawa due to the BAC-LAC signature.

7. Brief update from OCLC Canada: BAC-LAC

  • Mr.  Boivin indicated that both parties agreed on the last remaining item last Friday.  It is expected that an agreement will be signed before the end of March.

8. Terms on OCAC and OCAC Charter revision

  • Ms. Schachter brought up a few points needing to be discussed.  First one was related with delegates reaching the end of their terms and the second point was about the fact that two GC/ARC Canadian candidates were from existing institution already represented on OCAC.  The second point has an impact on the number of delegates on OCAC which should have a known number to assure some control over the expenses with the face to face fall meeting.
  • After some exchanges, it was agreed to add a provision to the charter that would indicate that two delegates on OCAC could not be coming from the same institution.  It was recommended to indicate that one could act as “an elected alternate” if such a scenario occurred.  Mr. Boivin was mandated to draft such a change and submit it to OCAC for review and approval.
  • It was also agreed to add a clause to the charter that would indicate that the size of OCAC should not exceed ten (10).    Mr. Boivin was mandated to draft such a change and submit it to OCAC for review and approval.
  • Mr. Boivin then indicated that the new GC and ARC bylaws terms of office were planning to now say the following: “Regional and Global Council Delegates may serve multiple terms, but no more than two consecutive full terms.” He asked if OCAC still wanted to align themselves with these terms like the Council had in the past. The Council agreed to be in compliance with these new bylaws but only once approved which technically will be at the next GC meeting later in March. This then becomes a point for discussion for the fall in person meeting.

9. Other business

  • No other business is requested.

10. Next meeting -- With the Americas Regional Council October 30-31, 2017, in Baltimore, MD

  • Ms. Lefebvre asked if this new ARC meeting meant that ARC would not be having a meeting at ALA in Chicago.  Mr. Crocco believes that this would make sense but that there could still be a gathering of the members.  He believes that this will be clarified later in the year. 
  • Since everybody agreed to meet right after the ARC meeting in Baltimore, Mr. Boivin offered to send an Outlook meeting request so that the meeting is already in everybody’s calendar.

11. End of Conference Call

  • At 14h 45.
Actions required before the next meeting Responsibility
Post the Relais presentation on the secure OCAC Web Site.
Daniel Boivin. (Done)
Find the Ppt Presentation delivered by Rick Lugg to OCAC the fall of 2015 since the OLA presentation was not recorded. Daniel Boivin (Done -- Posted OLA presentation after all)
Verify with the Member relations team if a Member Forum in Canada for fall 2017 is feasible. Daniel Boivin (Done)
Review the Charter terms as discussed and email changes for approval. Daniel Boivin (Done)
Schedule the OCAC face to face meeting after ARC (Nov. 1st, 2017). Daniel Boivin (Done)