OCLC Canada Advisory Council

Minutes — January 23rd, 2015

Debbie Schachter, Director, Learning Resources, Douglas College
Gwen Ebbett, University Librarian, University of Windsor
Michael Ireland, Information Management Services Directorate Knowledge Management, National Research Council
Suzanne Payette, Director, Bibliothèque publique de Brossard
Lisa O'Hara, Head, Technical Services, University of Manitoba Libraries
Madeleine Lefebvre, University Librarian, Ryerson University
Joyce Garnett, University Librarian Emeritus, Western University and Interim Dean of the Library Iowa State University
Bruce Crocco, Vice-President, Library Services for the Americas, OCLC
Daniel Boivin, Executive Director, OCLC Canada, Latin America & the Caribbean

Hélène Roussel, Director General, Direction générale de la diffusion, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Marie DeYoung, University Librarian, Saint Mary's University
Mary-Jo Romaniuk, SLIS, University of Alberta
Johanna Smith, Director General, Services Branch, Library and Archives Canada

Submitted Agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval (Chair, Debbie Schachter)
  2. Review the minutes of the October 3rd OCAC meeting (update, questions)
  3. Discussion on the upcoming ARC Meeting at ALA Winter (Group)
  4. Key topics/areas needing to be discussed and reported at ARC or affecting Canadian Libraries (Group)
  5. Review and approve changes to the OCAC Charter (Group)
  6. Discussion on Member Forum in Canada in 2015 (Group)
  7. Other business (OCLC Symposium at CLA, etc.)
  8. Next meeting and end of the meeting

1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval

  • Ms. Ebbett agreed to act as the chair to start the meeting and until Ms. Schachter could join the call.
  • The agenda was approved with one minor change to "ALA Summer" to become "ALA Winter".

2. Review the minutes of the October 3rd meeting (update, questions)

  • Minutes approved with one minor change submitted by Ms. Payette.
  • Mr. Boivin provided details about the actions he was responsible for. Some of them are still worked on and will be added to the new action items for the next conference call.
  • Mr. Crocco said about his action item that OCLC is exploring a WMS User group event that could be for a couple of days, in Ohio, or a destination easily accessible. It would be on a global customer basis, not just regional like experienced so far. He thinks that it might be post June 2015, i.e. during our next fiscal year. Further details will be shared in Canada once this gets clarified. OCAC delegates asked that OCLC makes sure we inform Canadian members that this event is opened to all.

3. Discussion on the upcoming ARC Meeting at ALA Winter

  • Ms. Ebbett, Bruce Crocco, Ms. Garnett are attending the event.
  • Sandy Yee and Skip Prichard are scheduled to present during this ARC meeting. Irene Hoffman will also be speaking on the Member Forum feedback results. During the ARC meeting, there will be round table discussions of about 30 minutes with online virtual chat/exchanges happening at the same time. Ms. Ebbett indicated that the participants will have 3 questions to address:
    • What would you do at your library if you could add one dedicated staff to work on research or advocacy?
    • What innovative things has your library done recently to increase user engagement?
    • How can we attract and engage the next generation of library leaders?
  • 214 persons have registered to attend on-site and 170 virtually
  • Ms. Ebbett indicated that the Member Forums had lately attracted a lot of cataloguers / tech services and not the new generation of librarians outside of tech services. This is considered an issue as the knowledge (about OCLC as a more thorough organization) does not get past along it seems.

4. Key topics/areas needing to be discussed and reported at ARC or affecting Canadian Libraries (Group)

  • Mr. Boivin talked about the progress made in the LAC-BAC discussion, ie. that both organization can now move to the next stage of negotiating an agreement. He also indicated that this was why Ms. Smith, the new LAC-BAC delegates to OCAC, was not attending this conference call. She wanted to avoid any indication of a possible conflict of interest in the process
  • Ms. Schachter asked how long could the implementation take for this project and Mr. Boivin indicated that the project was going to probably be treated as two projects: one for loading and setting up the national union catalog, AMICUS, and one for implementing a new library management system in the cloud for LAC-BAC. Since little exchanges had so far occurred between the two organizations, it was unclear how these steps would unfold and how long they would take but Mr. Boivin expects probably a longer implementation timeframe than the average 6 months taken so far for all the 300 or so done at OCLC for WorldShare. He also mentioned that building the union catalog could take sometimes, not because of the size of the database to convert but mostly because of the planning required before the first load occurs (what do we load knowing many libraries had not contributed in years, does LAC-BAC need to get approval of all libraries if not already obtained, communicating the new procedures to continue updating the union catalog, etc.).
  • It was also asked how many WorldCat Discovery (WCD) new sites OCLC had in Canada, ie. how many had moved from the FirstSearch interface to the new WCD interface. Mr. Boivin reported that because this is still at the beginning of the transition, this number remains relatively low (below 50 had registered to do this so far). He also mentioned that two new libraries added WCD as their new discovery tool in the past few months.
  • Mr. Ireland talked about Infotrieve and reported that they were sold to the US Copyright Clearance Centre (CCC). CCC manages copyrights in the US and it is a huge organization. Infotrieve has products that were of interest to CCC to help in the area of end user copyright clearance and this is apparently why they acquired it. CCC is still interested in partnering with CISTI, keep the staff located there and their service continues with no changes. CISTI had a good relationship with Infotrieve and now CCC.
  • CLA: meeting at OLA with “The Partnership”. Ms. Lefebvre got a message from CARL to provide feedback in preparation of the summit at OLA. CLA needs to change as their current funding model is not sustainable. The climate seems good to consider doing this affiliation with provincial associations and she will know more about that after OLA. Mr. Ireland refreshed our memory as to how the challenge started, ie. members are closer to their provincial associations than the national one and this started the eroding of the membership at CLA. The general impression seems that it would be a shame to lose “our national voice” if CLA would have to be dissolved.

5. Review of the OCAC Charter

  • All delegates approved the new changes to the Charter unanimously.

6. Discussion on Member Forum in Canada in 2015 (Group)

  • The agenda of the Boston meeting was shared with the delegates.
  • Ms. Payette mentioned that she had discussed with Irene Hoffman at Global Council the idea of also considering meetings in Canada, i.e. other locations in addition to Toronto and Vancouver as originally mentioned. She suggested to have a calendar for Canada so people could choose which one to go to if we were not already going to their city. It would provide some flexibility to the participants.
  • All OCAC delegates indicated that OCLC needed to make it clear that these Forums were also for none members and that we needed to make this more inviting as we have so far.
  • Ms. Ebbett reported her discussion with Ms. Hoffman as well. She indicated these meetings were mostly attended by staff, not necessarily managers/directors. Mr. Boivin indicated thinking that in Canada, we might need a mix of both, combining a bit of both so these Forums would reach more people in the process (morning for directors and afternoon for staff, for example).
  • Ms Schachter indicated that it seems the meetings need more/some "public librarian" type of focus as she sees this service as the future for libraries and that less technical services will be required with all the cloud library management solutions being developed. She indicated liking the idea of a morning for managers and an afternoon for library staff. She feels these should have a draw in Vancouver as the previous and more general event already arranged by OCLC Canada ("Bring libraries to Web Scale")were well attended.
  • Ms. Lefebvre also supports this initiative to do this in Canada. She likes idea of connecting to staff using our solutions.

7. Other business

  • Ms. Payette reported on their initiative at the library called "Espace-temps". This is a pilot with objectives to show the public what is being done digitally at the library and later on also within or by the city. It is to promote more actively all the digital content and digital products available at the library but it is expected that the city could join this as well soon after. This will all be interactive, i.e. through touch screens. Similar initiatives are also taking place in other public libraries in North America.

8. Next meeting and end of meeting

  • So far, April 15th seems to work for most but Ms. Schacter is now unavailable.
  • Mr. Boivin might need to submit a new Doodle once Ms. De Young and Ms. Smith provides their availability.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 14h26.


Actions required before the next meeting



  1. Produce an "elevator speech cheat sheet" for delegates.

  2. Provide the full list of Web partners that bring traffic to the libraries.

  3. Send doodle again for April and confirm the June and fall meeting dates.


  1. Daniel Boivin.

  2. Daniel Boivin (done).

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