OCLC Canada Advisory Council

Minutes – 27 March 2014

Hélène Roussel, Director General, Direction générale de la diffusion, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Michael Ireland, Director, Information Management Services Directorate
Knowledge Management, National Research Council
Lisa O'Hara, Head, Technical Services, University of Manitoba Libraries
Madeleine Lefebvre, University Librarian, Ryerson University
Gwen Ebbett, University Librarian, University of Windsor
Suzanne Payette, Director, Bibliothèque publique de Brossard
Daniel Boivin, Executive Director, OCLC Canada, Latin America & the Caribbean

Joyce Garnett, University Librarian, Western University
Mary-Jo Romaniuk, SLIS, University of Alberta
Fabien Lengellé, Director General, Content and Access, Library and Archives Canada
Debbie Schachter, Director, Learning Resources, Douglas College
Bruce Crocco, Vice-President, Library Services for the Americas, OCLC

Submitted Agenda

  1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval (Chair: Hélène Roussel)
  2. Review the minutes of the 22 October 2013 Meeting (update, questions)
  3. Review of the OCAC Charter:
    - Advisory Council members section
    - Duties of the OCAC Members, point E & F
  4. CLA Symposium and upcoming conferences in Canada
  5. Discussion on the upcoming Global Council
  6. Key topics/areas needing to be reported on or affecting Canadian Libraries (Group)
  7. Appointment of a new OCAC Chair
  8. Next conference call on 20 June 2014, from 13h to 15h, eastern time
  9. Other business
  10. End of meeting

1. Opening of the meeting, welcoming and agenda approval

  • Agenda approved as submitted.

2. Review the minutes of the 22 October 2013 meeting (update, questions)

  • No changes to the minutes.
  • Action items: Mr. Boivin indicated that colleagues at OCLC made some attempts with Pat Riva but did not receive any feedback (name authority file possible load to VIAF). Ms. Roussel suggested that we instead follow-up directly with the manager of this service, i.e. Benoît Ferland.

3. Review of the OCAC Charter

  • The following modifications were proposed and approved:

    • In the “Duties of the OCAC Members” section, remove point E entirely as none of these committees exist any longer at OCLC.
    • In the “Duties of the OCAC Members” section, point F becomes point E.
    • In the “Duties of the OCAC Members” section, the new point E should be modified from:
      “Promote the value statements as describe in the published document (URL).”
      “Promote the OCLC shared values statement as describe on the public Web site.”
    • In the“Term of service” section, the word “only” should be replaced with the word “normally” to become: “Any member is eligible to run for a second term after Council approval normally once for a total of six consecutive years.”
    • The following institution name “the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)” has been changed to “the National Research Council Canada’s Knowledge Management (KM) Branch (Canada’s National Science Library),” to reflect their new name.

4. CLA Symposium and upcoming conferences in Canada

  • The announcement of the Symposium had been posted and all delegates had seen it already. Mr. Boivin indicated that two other pieces will be added to the announcement as soon as available: a) the CLA / OCLC Award for Innovative Technology winner, b) the Americas Regional Council Update speaker. To that effect, Mr. Boivin had approached Ms. Lefebvre but she is unavailable that day. He has now approached Ms. Schachter because she lives in BC but she has not responded yet as she is on vacations. Ms Ebbett had not planned to attend CLA yet but could consider it if Ms Schachter cannot do it or the ARC current Chair could also be approached as well as the past Chair since she did present last year.
  • Other conferences OCLC will be exhibiting this spring are: BCLA, LAA an APLA. Americas Regional Council and Global Council Ambassadors are welcome to join OCLC staff at the booth

5. Discussion on the upcoming Global Council agenda

  • Ms. Ebbett is not coming to this meeting. She is being replaced by Joseph Hafner from McGill University. John Teskey has also been asked to act as an alternate delegate.
  • Ms. Ebbett reported that the communication committee is still working at finding ways to continue improving communications with the members.
  • Ms. Ebbett reported that the communication committee is still working at finding ways to continue improving communications with the members.
  • Mr. Ireland asked if it would be appropriate to report the current on-going initiative organized by the Royal Society of Canada Panel on the Future of Libraries. Mr. Boivin indicated that he would at least report this to his colleagues in marketing for a possible post on some of the news brief, like the OCLC Abstracts, being shared with members. Mr. Ireland shared the Web site for the RSC: http://rsc-src.ca/en/expert-panels/rsc-reports/status-and-future-canadas-libraries-and-archives.

6. Key topics/area needing to be reported on or affecting Canadian libraries

  • Two initiatives currently being funded by the TIF from the Ontario government were briefly mentioned: a) Shared Print Collection initiatives between 5 OCUL universities, b) and a cloud based infrastructure data research development going on between 10 OCUL libraries funded at $1.2 million.

7. Appointment of the new OCAC Chair

  • Ms. Roussel and Mr. Boivin mentioned that after Ms Roussel’s call for a Chair replacement we had received one member indicating interest (Ms. Roussel had indicated that she wanted to step down after 4 years of Chairing OCAC but remained on the Council as an ex-officio). The member is Debbie Schachter but since Debbie was not on the call, it was decided to postpone the possible change to the next conference call in June.

8. Next conference call

  • 20 June 2014 from 13h to 15h.

9. Other business

  • None.

10. End of the meeting

  • The meeting is adjourned at 13h55.
Actions required before the next meeting Responsibility
OCLC to contact BAnQ (Benoît Ferland) for the name authority file. Daniel Boivin and/or colleagues
Find a speaker to represent ARC / GC at the CLA Symposium. Daniel Boivin
Report this RSC initiative to the OCLC marketing department for possible posting. Daniel Boivin