Global Council meeting

OCLC credit program transition

In 2011, the OCLC Global Council commissioned a member-led advisory group to look at the OCLC Credit Program. The Credit Program was developed in 1985 to give members a cost offset for certain cataloging and resource sharing transactions. While OCLC moved away from transaction pricing in 2006, the credit program remains a transaction-based program, substantially unchanged over the past 28 years.

Following an 18-month review period that included discussions and recommendations from hundreds of member libraries, the Global Advisory Group on Credits issued a report and recommendation for the evolution of the Credit Program. Their recommendation calls for the current Credit Program to be phased out beginning July 2014, provided that such a transition does not materially impact the cost of OCLC services to members. (Read the report.)

Global Council approved the advisory group's recommendation at its April 2013 meeting. The OCLC Board of Trustees accepted the recommendation, and transition plans are now underway.

What does this mean to OCLC libraries?

  • If your library currently receives transactional credits for certain cataloging activities and for resource sharing lending, you will see a change in how cataloging and lending credits will be reflected on your OCLC invoice, beginning with your July 2014 invoice.
  • Libraries will no longer see individual credit activity based on transactions itemized on OCLC invoices. Today, financial credits are itemized for each transaction for many libraries—specifically a unit and type of activity. For example, your library may currently receive credits for activity related to the number of original items cataloged, records enhanced, holdings deleted or interlibrary loans fulfilled.
  • Beginning in July 2014, credit amounts will no longer be based on the number of transactions nor will they be itemized. Instead, one flat-rate credit amount will be included on the OCLC invoice for cataloging credits, and one flat-rate credit amount will be included for lending credits.
  • In February 2014, libraries that have been participating in the transactional credit program during the last two years will receive a personalized communication that will provide specific details of the transition. The amount of the cataloging and ILL credits will remain fixed moving forward. Credits will no longer fluctuate by level or type of activity. A flat-rate credit amount will be applied to the OCLC invoice for cataloging and for resource sharing for each billing period.
  • If your library is already on fixed credits or the credits are already included in your subscriptions, there will be no changes going forward.

Still have a question? Please see the frequently asked questions for additional insights and details related to the new program.