EMEA Regional Council

Anna Wołodko

Director of Libraries, University of Warsaw

Anna Wołodko

I have been working at the University of Warsaw Library since 1992. My first position was a junior librarian at the Main Reading Room of the “old” University Library (the Library received a new facility in 1999). Next, I worked as the Library research assistant. Then I became a manager of the Library Unit for Targeted Projects and External Funds, coordinating all grant-requesting activities and supervising the implementation of those projects that received funding. My professional experience covers, among else, the implementation of e-learning projects: “bibweb” (in collaboration with Bertelsmann Foundation) and “login: biblioteka” (in collaboration with the Foundation for the Development of Information Society). I am happy to be the main coordinator of the University of Warsaw Library blog (http://buwlog.uw.edu.pl) - run since 2014 it has been built of texts written by librarians who want to share their knowledge and experience with the general public. I was appointed as the Director of the University of Warsaw Library in 2018. Budget management, library automation, digitization, information services and user services are some of the areas I’m responsible for. As a Library Director I’m also the coordinator of the Univ. of Warsaw library information system (Main Library and 41 departmental libraries). Currently I’m involved in planning structural changes for this system, to make it more flexible and more effective.

Member institution

University of Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Term end date: 31 October 2025