EMEA Regional Council

Theo Kemperman

Director, Bibliotheek Rotterdam

Theo Kemperman

Theo Kemperman is an enthusiastic director of a large, independent metropolitan public library, comprising a central library and a system of 21 branches. Theo's city's hyper-diverse population grapples inequality, poverty, and low literacy. There is also a socially engaged and hard-working, do-it-yourself mentality. Theo is a passionate proponent of bringing public library facilities closer, both physically and digitally, to the people we serve. He has witnessed how the well-being and self-reliance of individuals and communities contributes to democratic values and involved citizenship. Libraries contribute meaningfully, promoting connection, community building and personal development, while facilitating relaxation, discovery, research, and enterprise for citizens of all ages. Theo's academic and professional background provide valuable perspective, both for the potential of public libraries as platforms for social progress and for the value of automation in realising these goals.

Member institution

Bibliotheek Rotterdam


Term end date: 31 October 2025