I specialize in process improvement and am teaching and consulting in this area for both manufacturing and service organizations for almost 30 years. Thammasat’s first library was established at the founding of the university in 1934; we now have 11 library branches and 140 staff. We claim the Thammasat University Libraries is a very large library in Thailand. Vision is to be one of the best providers in ubiquitous learning and researching in Asia. Mission is to manage information resources, to provide information resources and facilities, and to drive the organization towards world class sustainable development. VALUES T Thammasat Spirit U Unity L Leadership I Innovative B Benevolence S Sharing we are pursuing the quality standard ISO 9001:2015. In Thammasat University, our organization is known as the learning organization and being a happy workplace. We focus on "Participation and Cooperation" and the results are both happy and efficient staff.