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Christine Korytnyk Dulaney

Chief of the Germanic and Slavic Division, Library of Congress

Christine Korytnyk Dulaney

Christine currently serves as Chief of the Germanic and Slavic Division at the Library of Congress. This position is responsible for overseeing the acquisition and cataloging of print and electronic monographs and serials from Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, Baltics as well as Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. Christine’s career has spanned technical services in several university and law libraries in Washington, DC as well as the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress. Professionally, she has always been interested in growing and developing library collections. More recently, she has been concerned with cataloging and particularly the challenges of ensuring equity and diversity in our bibliographic descriptions. Working at the Library of Congress provides a unique opportunity to update the tools and rules which guide the profession in this work.

Member institution

Library of Congress

Washington, D.C., USA

Term end date: 31 October 2024