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Shuqing Chu

Director, Hangzhou Public Library

Shuqing Chu

Shuqing Chu, is also Director of Hangzhou Children’s Library and a researcher in Library Science. He is a Standing Committee Member of International IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Section, Board Member of China Library Association Academic Board, Director of Library Statistics and Evaluation Committee, and Committee Member of Public Cultural Service System Construction Committee under China Department of Culture. He is an honorary citizen of US Hanswales City. He is an outstanding worker of China Department of Culture, Role Model of China Libraries, and Star of 10th China Art Festival held by China Department of Culture.

As one of the leading figure of China Libraries, he actively advocated the development of public libraries in the following directions:

  • Public libraries must provide “equal, free and barrier-free” service to ordinary people.
  • Public libraries must turn into education centers.
  • Public libraries should strengthen social cooperation.

These opinions actively lead the development of Chinese public libraries. Moreover, under his leadership, Hangzhou Public Library entered into the international field:

  • Hangzhou Public Library was assimilated as a member of IFLA in 2003.
  • Hangzhou Public Library became China’s first highest level member of OCLC in 2009.
  • Hangzhou Public Library established friendly relations with many international libraries, such as the Indianapolis Public Library, Gifu City Chuo Library, and etc.
  • Hangzhou Public Library is promoting connections and partnerships with overseas libraries through “Image of the West Lake” program, and bringing in cultural diversity by holding international conferences, book exchange, staff exchange, exhibitions and lectures.

Term end date: 30 June 2019

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