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Marta Bernal Jimenez

OACAI Director, Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Marta Bernal Jimenez

Marta Bernal Jimenez is Director of the Access to Information Centers Support Office (libraries) at Inter American University of Puerto Rico. Marta works as the coordinator of several library services such as database acquisition, administration, and training, and OCLC services such as Cataloging and TIPASA. She also serves as the ILS library system administrator having one catalog for 11 libraries. Marta has previously worked as cataloger, reference librarian, cataloguing department director at the institutional Technical Processing Center, and as special projects and digitization librarian. She has an MLS degree and has additional studies in documents and archives management, and institutional repositories.


Inter American University of Puerto Rico

P.O Box 36355
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Puerto Rico

Term end date: 31 October 2022