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"In 2013, we decided to look at running a paperless interlibrary loan system, as we wanted something that was more efficient, cost effective and that provided a better user experience. WorldShare Interlibrary Loan helped us achieve this."

Dawn Downes
Senior Library Assistant, University of Winchester

Locating library items for users, especially internationally, used to require weeks of emailing various institutions, searching multiple catalogs and dealing with different billing systems. At the University of Winchester, librarians decided that they wanted to provide an easier way for staff to keep track of this workload. "Our goals were not only to satisfy users needs, but to do it quickly and easily," explained Dawn Downes, Senior Library Assistant at the University of Winchester. "Instead of many emails going back and forth and obtaining international material, we wanted to see straightaway who had what we needed and how much it would cost."

Now that the librarians use WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan (ILL), they have better visibility into the status of their requests. All the information they need is available at a glance, and they no longer have to keep statistics on paper.

"With WorldShare ILL, we have found that library staff are spending less time trying to locate an item and that students and teaching staff are more satisfied as their materials are found quicker and arrive faster than before."

The staff at the University of Winchester find that WorldShare ILL allows them to search and order items all within one catalog. They are also able to use Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) rather than manual billing. "Instead of contacting international libraries individually or dealing with several different billing methods, we can now order items without the extra work," Dawn stated. "It allows us to choose libraries that use our financial systems and that charge a price we are willing to pay, meaning we can order items for our requesters without charging them extra fees."

Dawn continued, "WorldShare Interlibrary Loan includes Article Exchange, which means that we can have our requests delivered electronically and can now print or pass on articles quickly to our users, without the need for special software." Article Exchange allows the library to receive and deliver articles through a secure system, something they previously thought impossible due to software restrictions.

"Additionally, using WorldShare ILL, a system that other libraries in our consortium use, means we now lend more materials than ever before!" Dawn added.

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Library at a glance

  • Collection includes more than 250,000 items, including course textbooks and academic journals
  • The University of Winchester originally started as the Winchester Diocesan Training School in 1840
  • In 2004, the institution was given degree-awarding powers and became the University of Winchester
  • The Martial Rose Library is named for a past Vice-Chancellor of the university

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