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Criss Library at University of Nebraska Omaha

"For e-resources, WorldShare Management Services really ties everything together. We're able to do everything from selecting and ordering within the WorldCat knowledge base to managing our statistics and our licenses."

Rene Erlandson
Director of Virtual Services, Criss Library, University of Nebraska Omaha

"Our university is trying to move more from a print environment to an e-environment," explained Rene Erlandson, Director of Virtual Services at the Criss Library at University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). With this shift, the library needed a library management system that allowed them to better manage electronic resources. "The management of e-resources on the staff side is one of the features of WorldShare® Management Services (WMS) that appealed to us."

"The first year with WMS, we saved about $150,000," Rene explained. "We were able to take that $150,000 and pilot an e-book DDA [demand-driven acquisition] program on our campus." The library began the pilot with the Ebook Library (EBL) catalog of more than 430,000 titles. She added, "We have been pleasantly surprised that our e-book collection was readily adopted and accepted by our students, faculty and staff. The circulation rate for e-books is one-to-one with print books."

The program has succeeded in part because the library uses automatic record updates through the WorldCat® knowledge base. "We used to spend three days a month doing coverage loads for our e-books and our journals," Rene said. But because of OCLC's partnerships with major e-content providers, "[t]he records are automatically fed into the system, and it auto-populates with our holdings. We make those titles available instantly to our community."

"WorldShare Management Services provides the framework to share e-resource related data across the cloud-based platform, much like OCLC Online Union Catalog did with bibliographic data in the early 1970s."

WorldShare License Manager helps Rene and her team easily maintain e-resource licenses. By uploading the licenses into WMS, "librarians throughout our system can see the actual license if they have a question about who can or cannot use that electronic resource," Rene said. Other libraries in the cooperative can also use the templates. "That's a huge advantage for us in actually getting our license records loaded, because we don't have to create everything from scratch," she added.

Because WMS dramatically simplified the library's electronic resources processes, half of the technical services department can now focus on special collections and other efforts. "We reallocated more than $200,000 worth of staff time to other priority projects." She continued, "We've been able to really focus on cataloging our niche collections. That has been something that has not only improved our standing within the education community, but it also has brought the value of the library to the focus of campus. The university is getting some national recognition for the collections we've been able to expose."

Map showing locaation of University of Nebraska Omaha

Library at a glance

  • Provides access to 1.2 million traditional format titles and 1.5 million e-resource titles
  • Supports more than 15,000 students
  • Implemented WorldShare Management Services in March 2013

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