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Optimized delivery to meet library and user preferences

Smart fulfillment powers the only resource sharing services you’ll ever need

Fast, convenient, and intuitive are not enough. OCLC’s resource sharing services go further to offer the library on-demand with new smart fulfillment capabilities. A user’s request sets a dynamic, data-driven process in motion that delivers accurate resource options and delivery recommendations in just seconds, all within OCLC’s enhanced resource sharing services.

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Smart fulfillment gives your library an edge.

Deliver exactly what they want, when they need it.

OCLC’s resource sharing services provide the delivery experience people expect with accurate and immediate resource availability. And with remarkable speed and minimal manual intervention, you save time and money.

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Inform better, faster choices.

Users know immediately what options they have so they can choose what best meets their needs. Smart fulfillment functionality weighs policy data, lending history, licensing agreements, format preferences, and more to present what’s available. Then, it predicts which libraries will deliver the fastest.

Unlock the potential of the world’s largest resource sharing network.

Smart fulfillment enhances access to more than 10,000 library collections globally. Quick, data-driven recommendations are based on local policies, item availability, library network relationships, and user preferences, which saves staff time, increases speed of delivery, and improves user satisfaction.

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Optimize turnaround times.

By using automated processes, reducing staff intervention, and letting smart fulfillment find the suppliers that meet your criteria, you achieve significantly faster turnaround times and reduce costs associated with document delivery and interlibrary loan.

Simplify and save.

Smart fulfillment means that there’s no need for additional resource sharing services. You can join lender groups based on criteria that’s important to you, like 18-hour or less turnaround time. That makes borrowing and lending easier and more affordable and eliminates the need for multiple services.

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Raise the bar for resource delivery success.

These smart fulfillment benefits are the result of ongoing feature enhancements across OCLC resource sharing services, such as WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, Tipasa, and ILLiad. If you use these services, some of the features are already available at no additional cost.

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Real-time availability


Smart lender strings


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Dynamic groups

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Decision optimization

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