Meet the team

  • Matt Barnes

    Matt Barnes


    O: +1-614-764-6000

  • Andy Breeding

    Andy Breeding

    Consulting Software Engineer

    O: +1-617-974-2468

  • Jacqui Liepshutz

    Jacqui Liepshutz

    Sales Manager, Collection Management

    O: +1-614-764-6000, x 6014

  • Eric Redman

    Eric Redman

    Software Architect

    O: +1-503-412-9538

  • Pete Zeimet

    Pete Zeimet

    Sales Manager, Collection Management

    O: +1-614-764-6000, x 4379

GreenGlass is a purpose-built, interactive application that allows you to explore your print collection and manage, share, archive, or remove monographs to transform valuable library space.

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  • GreenGlass

    Available in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom

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