Enquire helps you:

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Integrate your service across multiple platforms

The Qwidget, Enquire chat widget, can be embedded in multiple web environments, including social media platforms, providing more points of access to the users and also, increasing awareness of the reference service. Users are able to access the chat widget via mobile devices helping to improve the user experience. All interactions from chat, email and text messaging are collected in one account to enable seamless workflows, regardless of the method of interaction, enabling staff to view, respond and access statistical information.

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Work Collaboratively

The Enquire service allows you to work collaboratively with partner libraries with minimal staff input, but maximum information output. By working with partners in the UK and US, you can provide your users with a virtual reference service all year round.

Provide a local service option

Enquire can be used as a diverse tool to overcome funding restrictions. Your library can deliver specifically targeted reference services to groups in the community, offer homework help or be used as a training tool whereby users can talk via chat and have a full transcript of the session. This can help to cut down on travel costs and saves time for both your staff and users. With this targeted virtual reference service, you can offer advice to other hard to reach groups in your community.

Enquire is a unique service providing real-time online reference help and advice to community members by trained reference staff. This allows the library to be there when the public need information, regardless of location or time, helping to demonstrate the library’s value as an authoritative source.

Service availability

  • Enquire virtual reference service

    Available in Ireland and the UK

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