A 24/7 virtual reference service

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Provides real-time online help to your users

Enquire is a unique service providing real-time online help and advice to members of your community by trained reference staff. This means that you can be there when the public need information, regardless of location or time; helping to demonstrate your library's value as an authoritative source and extend your local service provision in a digital environment.

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Do more with less

Enquire allows you to offer a reliable reference service with limited budget and library staff. This service works collaboratively with partner libraries, meaning members in the 24/7 reference cooperative support Enquire to offer round-the-clock live help to your users, every day of the year. It is the ideal solution for streamlining workflows while meeting your user's needs in an on-demand digital world.

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Interact with users through multiple channels

To thrive in today's 'always on' networked world, public libraries have to embrace new combinations of digital and face-to-face services, providing information to users instantly via multiple devices, at a time and place that suits them. You can use the Qwidget chat widget, email and text messages—making Enquire a highly accessible tool.

Member stories

"Digital facilities, such as Enquire, place the library's services strategically as an information provider within an authority and as somewhere to learn and improve digital skills."

Carolyn Waite

Information Development Manager, Lancashire County Council Cultural Services

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Expand your library's offerings through 24/7 reference services

Find out how Lancashire County libraries provide key services online and help remote users.

Enquire is a unique service providing real-time online reference help and advice to community members by trained reference staff. This allows the library to be there when the public need information, regardless of location or time, helping to demonstrate the library’s value as an authoritative source.

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    Available in Ireland and the UK

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