Connexion® digital import

Integrate digital collection creation into cataloging workflows

Connexion digital import enables catalogers using the Connexion client (version 2.0 or later) to add digital items to CONTENTdm collections during the cataloging process. By integrating digital collection creation with standard cataloging workflows, Connexion digital import provides an additional option for organizations seeking to expand participation in growing and maintaining their digital collections.

This feature streamlines digital collection creation by integrating it with standard cataloging workflows and automatically crosswalks MARC records to Dublin Core, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

The Connexion digital import requires an OCLC Cataloging subscription, CONTENTdm license and CONTENTdm Hosting Services.

Offer enhanced discovery through WorldCat®

Digital items added to CONTENTdm using the Connexion client are discoverable from WorldCat.org™ and WorldCat Local. Each digital item is associated with its WorldCat record via a persistent URL based on the OCLC number (WorldCat accession number) of the WorldCat record. The persistent URL, of the form "www.worldcat.org/oclc/[oclc#]/viewonline," then provides one-click access to digital content.

How it works

Connexion catalogers can attach a digital file (or files, if more than one digital file is associated with the same record) to their WorldCat record by using the Connexion client. The digital file is then added to the designated CONTENTdm collection along with its associated metadata record. Metadata records are mapped to Qualified Dublin Core when added to the CONTENTdm collection, TIFF images are converted to JPEG2000 and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process is run for TIFF images comprising compound objects. PDF processing occurs if enabled in the CONTENTdm collection. Additionally, the OCLC number from the WorldCat record is added to the OCLC number field in CONTENTdm.

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Getting started

Before you can use the Connexion digital import service to import items you need the following:

  • License for using CONTENTdm
  • Subscription to CONTENTdm Hosting Services for your CONTENTdm license
  • OCLC system logon authorization (provided by the OCLC Cataloging Subscription) that includes:
    • CONTENTdm access
    • Cataloging level of full or higher
  • At least one configured CONTENTdm collection


After you have acquired an OCLC Cataloging Subscription and CONTENTdm Hosting Services, you can enroll to enable Connexion digital import.

To enable Connexion digital import capability:

  1. Open the Connexion Digital Import Order form.
  2. Enter contact information for your organization. Fields designated with asterisks (*) are required. Your hosted CONTENTdm server name is the domain name and follows the general form shown.
  3. Next, specify Connexion cataloging authorization numbers. You can have Connexion digital import added to existing authorization numbers or request new authorization numbers.
    • Authorization numbers follow the form: 999-999-999. If you need to add Connexion digital import to more than four authorization numbers, click the Add More Authorization Numbers button to update the form with additional text boxes.
    • To add new authorization numbers, enter the Contact Name, Password (between two and nine characters) and the Logon Greeting (this displays when the contact logs in to Connexion). If you need to add more than three new authorizations, click the Add New Authorizations button to update the form with additional text boxes.
  4. Enter your name and e-mail address. Click Continue to display the confirmation page.
  5. Review the order summary, and print the screen for your records.
  6. Click Submit Order to enroll. After the form is submitted, the Connexion digital import capability is enabled within about 48 hours. When the enrollment is complete, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the e-mail address specified in the Contact Information section of the form.