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Visiting address:
Schipholweg 99
2316 XA Leiden, NL

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 876
2300 AW Leiden, NL

LocationLeiden, Netherlands
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Public transport

Our office is located within walking distance of Leiden Central Station. Exit the station on the center side and turn left. At the end, there is a traffic light slightly to the right, cross the road there and follow the road on the right-hand side (passing Golden Tulip and staying parallel to the train tracks). Across the road from the next traffic light, our office is the second building on the right. Use the entrance door on the left (the revolving doors are for employees only).

Private transport and parking for cars and bicycles

Behind the building, some parking is available for visitors by car or bike. Please call in advance to discuss car parking.

To get to the parking, please program your navigation system with the following coordinates:
(Note: this is just the nearest house, opposite the entrance to our parking lot)
Leiden, Parmentierweg 111
2316 ZP
04 ° 29'16 E, 52 ° 10'07 N

OCLC Leiden map

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