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9955 rue Châteauneuf, bureau 135
Brossard J4Z 3V5

LocationBrossard, Québec, Canada
Toll Phone1-888-658-6583 (toll free in Canada)
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Driving directions

  1. From Highway 30, take Exit 110 (Grande Allée).
  2. If you are coming from the East, turn right. If you are coming from the West, turn left (North).
  3. Once on Grande Allée, turn left on Du Quartier Street (also known as Boulevard Lepage).
  4. Continue until you see rue de Châteauneuf and turn left. The 9955 Building is in Complex II.

By metro/bus

  1. From downtown Montreal, take the Metro (Orange Line) to Station Bonaventure.
  2. Transfer to Bus #132—Terminus Centre-ville—Direction: Pierre-Thomas Hurteau / Louis-Herbert—which will take you to Catania Business Park (24 minutes).
  3. Get off at Du Quartier Street/De Châteauneuf. (Du Quartier Street is also known as Boulevard Lepage.)
  4. Walk to 9955 rue de Châteauneuf, Suite 135 in Complex II (1 minute).

View the map and schedule for Bus #132.

OCLC Brossard map

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