Deliver choice and convenience.

CapiraCurbside empowers your library to easily connect users with physical library materials without the need to enter the building, which extends your library services. This mobile solution seamlessly integrates with your ILS and lets you communicate with users about when materials are ready and how they can pick them up, just like they’re used to with grocery and restaurant pickup solutions.

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Make contactless pickup easy for both library staff and users.

Give peace of mind to your community.

Deliver a positive user experience

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Users can schedule pickups only when their items are ready, reducing frustration and wasted time.

Give users control

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Let users tell you in advance how and where they want their items delivered, such as in the trunk or back seat.

Provide helpful reminders

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Send text alerts when items are ready and reminders before scheduled pickup times.

Provide the resources people need and reduce risk for staff.

Contactless experience

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Give staff and library users reassurance with a true contactless pickup experience that’s quick, efficient, and convenient.

Pickup customization

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Set different delivery and pickup options for each location, including walk-up. To keep staff from getting overwhelmed, limit the number of reservations to align with staff availability.

Built-in analytics

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Report on your volume of reservations, the most popular pickup times, and more to show how your library continues to serve your community and to keep up with changing circumstances.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing ILS.

Your staff has enough to do without learning a whole new software program. CapiraCurbside is a simple and intuitive solution that integrates into leading ILSs, including OCLC Wise® and WorldShare® Management Services. This seamless interaction keeps your pickup information in one place, removes the burden of back-and-forth communication with individual users, and lets staff focus on other critical library services.

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Logo: 2022 Modern Library Awards Platinum Award


CapiraCurbside received an elevated ranking in 2022 with a platinum Modern Library Award (MLA) as compared to a silver MLA in 2021.

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We’d love to talk with you about how CapiraCurbside makes it easier to support your community with contactless pickup options.

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    Available in Canada and the United States

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Download the CapiraMobile flier

Download the CapiraMobile flier
Download the flier (US Letter)

Download the CapiraCurbside flier

Download the CapiraCurbside flier
Download the flier (US Letter)

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