Together we make breakthroughs possible.

We are librarians, technologists, researchers, writers, managers, administrators, leaders and learners. Together as OCLC, we transform the way people engage with information. We create connections between and throughout our communities. All with the goal of making information more accessible and more useful.

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Because what is known must be shared.SM Share this on Twitter.

Sharing traditions
to build business

Kalsada Coffee

The founder of Kalsada Coffee was inspired to become a champion of modern-day Filipino coffee growers by a photo she found in a digital library collection.

Photo: Coffee merchants in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, 1909

Courtesy of the Museum of History & Industry, PEMCO Webster & Stevens Collection.

Portions of this video, courtesy of Exposure Media Productions.

“Our vision is to champion Philippine specialty coffee and support Filipino coffee producers. The spark for that vision came from a library.”

Carmel Laurino
Kalsada Coffee

OCLC facilitates the sharing of the world’s collected knowledge. Because what is known must be shared.Share this on Twitter.

Libraries fuel learning, research and innovation. Together we make breakthroughs possible. Both big and small.Share this on Twitter.

Whether we’re supporting advancements on the leading edge of science or helping children build a strong learning foundation, shared knowledge is the common thread. People can find the answers they need to solve important problems in their lives, in their communities and in the world.

Scuba diver and butterfly

Sharing the world's art
to inspire a new generation

Art Discovery Group Catalogue

A global group of art libraries used WorldCat® to create an art discovery service easy for the public to use, but comprehensive enough for scholarship.

Photo: Patrons enjoy Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

Courtesy of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Geert-Jan Koot photo

“Because the more libraries, the more content, the more visibility. And that is what we want.”

Geert-Jan Koot
Head of the Rijksmuseum Research Library

Together we advance understanding and drive innovation.

OCLC members talking and woman using tablet in library

We conduct research that helps institutions stay ahead of their most pressing challenges. We ensure that the promise of new technologies makes a difference in the lives of librarians, researchers and learners. We provide shared services that help libraries to operate more efficiently, enabling them to focus more time and resources on their goals. And we deliver tools and data that member libraries need to fulfill their commitments to the communities and campuses they serve.

Sharing expertise
to create impact

McGill University LIbrary

McGill’s cataloging backlog filled several rooms. Working with OCLC experts, they cleared the backlog, freed up space for students and got time back to work on impactful projects.

Photo: Students studying in a newly opened space

Courtesy of the McGill University Library.

Joseph Hafner photo

“Our staff have been freed to do more work that directly impacts student outcomes.”

Joseph Hafner
Associate Dean of Collection Services
McGill University Library

Together we connect people to the information they need.

Paramedic tending man and students in library

OCLC libraries collectively steward a vast quantity of knowledge. Working together, we make this information more visible and accessible to end users. This sharing of ideas creates connections both inside and outside the library community. It unites thinkers and doers around common purposes. And it helps researchers and learners achieve their goals by putting the world’s knowledge in reach.

Sharing history
to shape the future

The Long Civil Rights Movement

Guided by OCLC research, the Triangle Research Library Network was able to confidently make available major collections of digitized documents from the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina.

Photo: Content, Context, and Capacity: A Collaborative Large-Scale Digitization Project on the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina

Image from North Carolina Fund Records. Courtesy of the Southern Historical Collection.

Photo of Louis Round Wilson Library

“History moves in both directions. We can’t make progress if we don’t know what has and hasn’t worked before.”

Laura Hart
Principal Investigator
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Together we move forward with purpose.

Engineer working and OCLC members meeting at table

We have greater impact when we collaborate as OCLC. When we come together as a network, we can address shared challenges at scale. And we can better understand the needs of all researchers, students and innovators. Learning from each other, leaning on each other, we chart a clearer course across the ever-changing information landscape.

Sharing experience
to engage a community

The clarkston Independence district library

OCLC worked with the Clarkston Independence District Library in Michigan on a community engagement campaign. These efforts succeeded and Clarkston did more than survive—they added programs and services that support community vibrancy and growth.

Photo: Clarkston Independence District Library staff at work

Courtesy of the Clarkston Independence District Library.

“Our library was on the brink of extinction. Instead, we rallied community support.”

Julie Meredith
Clarkston Independence District Library

Together, we can advance further, faster, in our mission to share knowledge.Share this on Twitter.

Technology evolves. Trends come and go. And, sometimes, change seems to be the only constant. We will always need to know more. And breakthroughs depend on access to knowledge. Libraries have met this challenge for thousands of years. Together, member institutions, individual librarians, partners and staff believe in that mission. And we believe that, together, we can do more.

Because what is known must be shared.

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