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External (Non-OCLC) quality programs

OCLC also participates in the following external programs to enhance the quality of WorldCat records.

  • Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC)

    This program, coordinated jointly by the Library of Congress and PCC participants, seeks to increase the supply of quality records; increase the number of catalogers and cataloging institutions contributing national-level records; and to develop and maintain mutually acceptable standards for records.

    The PCC encompasses other programs whose records are contributed either directly to WorldCat or indirectly via the OCLC Authority File database: NACO for name authority records, SACO for subject authority records, BIBCO for bibliographic records, and CONSER for serial records (see next).
  • Cooperative Online Serials (CONSER)

    CONSER program members add, authenticate and upgrade serials cataloging information in WorldCat and provide ongoing maintenance for serials catalog records.

    Membership in the CONSER program includes the national libraries of the United States and Canada (and their respective International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) centers); selected university, government, research, special, and public libraries; participants in the United States Newspaper Program (USNP); selected library associations; and subscription agencies and abstracting and indexing services.
  • U.S. Newspaper Program (USNP)

    This program greatly enhances the quantity and quality of newspaper records in WorldCat. Newspaper repository libraries contribute cataloging information to the USNP database, with detailed descriptions about what volumes and issues of a particular newspaper a library holds.

    The USNP database will eventually encompass more than 300,000 newspaper titles published in North America since 1690, providing not only bibliographic and location information, but also for preservation of important and endangered collections.