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OCLC-MARC Record Delivery

Transfer or import WorldCat records into a local system

A variety of WorldCat services enable you to generate and export bibliographic records in OCLC-MARC format. OCLC makes copies of these records available for you to import into your local system to keep your local holdings in synch with your holdings in WorldCat.

OCLC products or service options that provide OCLC-MARC records

Product Generated Records Learn More
Connexion and CatExpress Allows you to immediately load edited records into your local system from Connexion browser, Connexion client and CatExpress. OCLC-MARC bibliographic records are produced when you send an Export command.

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WorldShare Collection Manager

Allows you to customize MARC record delivery for titles enriched by the expert library community, provides support for partner-provided shelf-ready services, and the ability to query WorldCat to output sets of MARC records based on your unique criteria.

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