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Web Harvester

Web-based content can be highly transient and at risk of being lost, yet also falls directly within many organizations’ collecting scope. OCLC’s Web Harvester provides a workflow for capturing this Web-based content that is integrated into both your cataloging and digital content management workflows.

OCLC's Web Harvester enables catalogers using the OCLC Connexion client (version 2.1+) to harvest content from the Web, review it, and then add the harvested items to CONTENTdm collections during the Connexion cataloging process.

The Web Harvester requires an OCLC Cataloging subscription, CONTENTdm license and CONTENTdm Hosting Services.

Enhanced discovery

Harvested items added to your CONTENTdm collection using the Web Harvester are discoverable from your CONTENTdm Web interface, as well as WorldCat.org, WorldCat Local and OCLC FirstSearch.

Each harvested item added to CONTENTdm using the Web Harvester is associated with its WorldCat record via a persistent URL based on the OCLC number (WorldCat accession number) of the WorldCat record. The persistent URL of the form “www.worldcat.org/oclc/[oclc#]/viewonline” then provides access to the digital content.

For more information, please contact your OCLC representative, your nearest OCLC office or e-mail us.

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