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Greg Zick

Vice President, Global Engineering

Greg Zick

Greg joined OCLC in 2006. From 1974 to 2001, he was a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Washington. He served in multiple administrative assignments, including associate dean and department chairman. His research group there worked in the area of database applications as applied to both medicine and libraries. This research group developed the initial version of OCLC's CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software. From 2001 to 2006 he served as President of DiMeMa, the company that continued development and sales of CONTENTdm in the digital library market.

Greg has published and presented in library and technology venues. He holds six patents and has published over 40 articles on library collaboration, digitization, multimedia computing and related technical issues. He is interested in supporting higher education activities and has contributed to activities in libraries, medicine, engineering and scholarships.

Greg received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois. He also holds master and doctoral degrees in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan.

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