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Cataloging options for your library: best-in-class tools for each step of the cataloging workflow

With your library holdings in WorldCat, your library gains participation in a global library network that enables resource sharing capabilities, exposure to the vast web audience, Web-scale library management tools that help streamline routine tasks, and more.

Your library creates and manages metadata

  • Connexion* supports copy and original cataloging, enabling libraries to interactively create, retrieve, edit, and share WorldCat bibliographic and authority records and to maintain WorldCat holdings data. Connexion browser lets libraries interactively create and maintain Local Holdings Records (item-specific holdings).
  • Z39.50 Cataloging* enables libraries to use their local Z39.50-compliant interface through their local cataloging system, to search and retrieve records from WorldCat for copy cataloging. Libraries can set holdings online through Z39.50 Cataloging or return holdings information through the Batchload service.
  • WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway* is a self-service tool for uploading the metadata for a library's digital content to WorldCat. The Gateway is available to all organizations at no charge.
  • CatExpress* enables libraries with small collections and those that require an easy-to-use Web-based interface for staff with little or no cataloging experience, to perform copy cataloging. The functionality is also available to libraries with a full OCLC cataloging subscription under the Express tab within the Connexion browser interface.
  • OCLC WorldShare Management Services acquisitions enables libraries to maintain WorldCat holdings data from within the acquisitions interface as items are received at the library.
  • OCLC WorldShare Metadata* will provide a complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources across multiple formats. Now available, the collection management functionality automatically delivers WorldCat MARC records for holdings in the WorldCat knowledge base with ongoing daily updates.
  • Dewey Services provide a dynamic structure for the organization of library collections.

Your library has OCLC create the metadata for you

  • WorldCat Cataloging Partners* delivers WorldCat records embedded with vendor acquisitions data and shelf-ready data such as barcodes and call numbers for materials a library orders through participating vendor partners and sets holdings automatically in WorldCat. Use the Cataloging Label Program to print spine labels provided by WorldCat Cataloging Partners.
  • Batchload* is an efficient way to add or delete large numbers of records and holdings information offline. The service adds new records to WorldCat and updates holdings information and Local Holdings Records for items a library holds.
  • WorldCat Collection Sets delivers WorldCat records for vendor sets of microform and electronic collections that are ready to load into a library's local system. The library's holdings information is automatically set in WorldCat.
  • Contract Cataloging provides multiple levels of cataloging services, from copy cataloging to record creation, to physical processing, in all formats and in 30 languages. As part of the service, holdings information is automatically set in WorldCat.
  • WorldCat knowledge base* helps libraries better manage the workflows associated with electronic materials, to enable access to electronic content.

*Service is included for libraries with a full OCLC cataloging subscription

“We wanted to improve the cataloging workflow, reduce our backlog and maintain the quality of our bibliographic records. We also wanted to be able to provide access to those bibliographic resources which we could not acquire and help other libraries do the same. ...We have reduced our copy cataloging backlog, we have improved our verification process, we have been able to keep updated on matters regarding cataloging rules and MARC format, and we maintain a backup of our local bibliographic database. Our users have access to the greatest bibliographic database available both for research purposes and interlibrary loans.”

Marilyn Montalvo Montalvo, Directora Auxiliar Departamento de Servicios Técnicos/Coordinadora de Automatización, Sistema de Bibliotecas,
Universidad de Puerto Rico