OCLC eNews: Australia and New Zealand, Issue 5

March - April 2014

Welcome to OCLC eNews for Australia and New Zealand. OCLC eNews helps our members in Australia and New Zealand connect with the latest OCLC research, advocacy, campaigns and products. Founded in 1967, OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organisation dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs.

In this edition of eNews, we focus on the release of Amlib V6.0, EZproxy in Australia and New Zealand; our new partnership with FamilySearch International; extending a warm welcome to new OCLC staff members; and much more.

OCLC Amlib


OCLC are very pleased to announce the general release and availability of Amlib v6.0. 

This release will provide you with the following:

  • OpenOPAC for AMLIB.  New public interface to search your Amlib Catalogue; alternative option to Amlib NetOPAC. You have a choice of which Amlib OPAC you use for your library. Your library’s license for NetOPAC also covers you for OpenOPAC, so you can move to OpenOPAC at no additional cost.
  • Software fixes across Amlib client modules and Reports.

Please review the Amlib v6.0 Release Notes for full details of everything delivered in this release to determine whether your library needs to upgrade to this particular release.

Amlib v6.0 Software and Documentation: 

All Amlib v6.0 documentation and software installers are available on-line to download from our Amlib Customer Support Centre at https://www.oclc.org/support/services/amlib/downloads-software-updates/version6-0/.en.html   using your login. Please contact Amlib Support if you do not have a login to this area.

New documentation available includes Release Notes, Online Help files, User documentation and Installation Guides.  The Release Notes will provide you with an overview of all v6.0 new software functionality and fixes.

Please review all documentation in the Installation Guide section before commencing your v6.0 upgrade. 

If your system is currently running a version of Amlib earlier than v5.4 you will need to complete the necessary interim upgrade(s) (i.e. 5.2, 5.3) to get to v5.4, before you upgrade your system to v6.0. If you require advice or assistance with this please contact Support by logging a TOPdesk call (https://servicedesk.oclc.org/tas/public/index.jsp ).

Server & Operating System:

Libraries running Amlib on SQLServer 2005, 2008, 2012 and Oracle 11g or higher will be able to implement this new release.  

NOTE: v6.0 will not support Amlib on SQLBase.  As previously indicated when v5.2, v5.3, v5.4 were released, Amlib on SQLBase would only be supported up to v5.2

Libraries currently using Amlib on SQL Base will need to upgrade from SQLBase to SQLServer 2008 R2 Express edition (free from Microsoft) before any upgrade to Amlib v5.4. Please contact our Amlib support staff to discuss the migration path of your system from SQL Base to SQL Server.  We realise that this migration of Amlib to another supported platform may be part of a longer term plan for your library and we are happy to work with you in this planning.

AMLIB Product Serial Numbers:

As part of your Amlib upgrade you will be required to enter the Amlib serial numbers for the products that your site is currently licensed for.  To obtain these serial numbers you will need to request these in writing from Amlib Support, which you may do by logging a new support incident via our Online Support Helpdesk, TOPdesk (https://servicedesk.oclc.org/tas/public/index.jsp ).  If you do not know your TOPdesk login please email support-amlib@oclc.org .

AMLIB OpenOPAC License Key:

The serial key for installing OpenOPAC is the same as for NetOPAC. You must have a current NetOPAC license to be able to install OpenOPAC.  Follow the same process outlines above for obtaining the Product Serial Number.  If you wish to install OpenOPAC and do not currently license NetOPAC please contact Amlib Support to purchase a license.

AMLIB OpenOPAC Demonstration system:

Since OpenOPAC is significantly different to NetOPAC, we have created an environment where you can try out this new interface:


AMLIB Support can also provide you with some patron barcodes to use if you wish to try the holds, save lists and patron account features.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Amlib Support Team if you require any assistance with your upgrade or installation of OpenOPAC, using our TOPdesk Online Support Helpdesk (https://servicedesk.oclc.org/tas/public/index.jsp).  If you do not know your TOPdesk login please email to support-amlib@oclc.org and we will send it to you.

OCLC EZproxy

Important reminder for EZproxy customers

Since OCLC acquired EZproxy more than 5 years ago, there have been significant updates and enhancements to the service alongside dedicated support and maintenance activities undertaken by the cooperative.

To support ongoing enhancements to the EZproxy service, the cooperative will be introducing significant changes to the way EZproxy is offered in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Firstly, OCLC will be offering EZproxy Hosted, ideal for libraries that do not have the resources or expertise to manage EZproxy themselves or would benefit from EZproxy running on a separate network.
  • Secondly, for libraries running EZproxy on their own network an annual subscription model is being introduced.

An annual subscription will give your library:

  • Automatic upgrades. Upgrades to new software versions at no additional charge during the term of your subscription.
  • Expanded reporting capabilities to support management decisions.  Over time, more reporting capabilities will be added to the statistics you receive about use of the services accessed through EZproxy. You will receive these additional reporting capabilities as part of your ongoing subscription.
  • Local support for your library’s EZproxy implementation. An expanded list of database configurations will support a wider range of content moving forward. Additional technical documentation with more how-to guides and a complete set of configuration options will help simplify the implementation process for libraries new to EZproxy.
  • Integration of EZproxy authentication with OCLC’s WorldShare Management Services applications.

The next version software release for EZproxy is planned for mid-year 2014. Subscribing libraries can expect to receive the EZproxy Web Service Key (WSKey) - which enables the new software binaries download - at least a month before the updated version is available. Our 2014 releases will concentrate on IPV6 and reporting capabilities.

As an institution that currently uses EZproxy, your library may choose to not maintain an annual subscription. If so, your library will:

  • Be able to use the version of EZproxy software now in place at your library. Your library may download the January 2014 release however you will no longer be able to download new versions after that or receive future software upgrades.
  • Be able to subscribe at any time should support be required.

The annual subscription for EZproxy in Australia and New Zealand is AUD$600 (ex GST).

We are now able to offer from our Australian technical infrastructure a hosted version of EZproxy, which is another option for your library to consider. Libraries that subscribe to the EZproxy Hosted version are automatically and seamlessly upgraded with each new release of the service. They also enjoy 24 x 7 x 365 support for off-site authentication of electronic content with no servers or IT infrastructure required. Pricing is scalable according to the size of your organisation. A quotation is available on application.

To set up your subscription, or to receive a price quotation for the EZproxy Hosted service, please visit www.oclc.org/en-AU/ezproxy/ordering.

Please contact australia@oclc.org if you have any questions about our EZproxy services.

OCLC WorldShare

A complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources

Today’s libraries continually strive to achieve greater efficiencies in their workflows and better visibility for their collections, while affirming their value to users and the larger community. OCLC WorldShare Metadata helps address these priorities by providing your library with a complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources across multiple formats. This set of new applications and services will continue to expand in phases over the next few years. The new functionality supports OCLC's strategy to provide Webscale solutions to the full range of library management needs, including acquisitions, license management, resource sharing and discovery.

OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager:

  • Automatic delivery of WorldCat records and WorldCat holdings maintenance for your licensed, digital and physical materials
  • Continual updating of bibliographic data for all titles enhances discovery of your materials
  • Ongoing updating of access URLs improves access to e-content
  • Ideal for streamlining workflows while managing increased user demand for e-content

OCLC WorldShare Metadata Record Manager:

Provides an efficient, record-at-a-time metadata management solution to describe one-of-a-kind physical, electronic and digital items, including new functionality that will enable libraries to:

  • Create and replace WorldCat master records using either the MARC 21 editor or the Text View editor, a simplified, labeled interface
  • Set and delete WorldCat holdings
  • Manage local holdings records (LHRs) and local bibliographic data (LBD)
  • Save in-progress bibliographic records for later use
  • Search and display Library of Congress authority records
  • Incorporate auto-suggested FAST subject headings using the Text View editor

For more information on OCLC WorldShare Metadata please contact australia@oclc.org

OCLC WorldCat


Genealogists can now find FamilySearch and WorldCat records through both online resources

Researchers can find libraries that hold needed information no matter where they start their search

OCLC and FamilySearch International are working together to share data between WorldCat and the FamilySearch Catalog to provide more resources for improved genealogy research. More than 1 million FamilySearch genealogical records are now discoverable in WorldCat, the world’s largest database of records representing resources in libraries worldwide. Links to WorldCat are now available on FamilySearch.org.

Many FamilySearch records added to WorldCat represent large collections of vital information, such as birth and death records from localities all over the world. If digitized, these records link back to FamilySearch.org where they can be viewed online. If on film, these records can be requested from FamilySearch to a satellite or affiliate FamilySearch Family History Center. FamilySearch records with a corresponding WorldCat record will indicate a library or libraries that hold the item.

"Many of the books in the FamilySearch library collection are also in other collections of other public and academic libraries and appear in WorldCat," said Steve Fox, Product Manager for FamilySearch. "This means genealogists using the FamilySearch Catalog may now be able to find additional copies of books and other sources at libraries closer to them. Many additional materials related to their research that are not in the FamilySearch collection will also be discoverable in the collections of other libraries that include their holdings in WorldCat."

More information on WorldCat and the FamilySearch Catalog can be found here.  


320 million records from ProQuest Central now discoverable through WorldCat Discovery Services

More than 320 million records from 88 collections in the award-winning ProQuest Central database are now discoverable, and the full text associated with those records is now accessible to mutual subscribers through OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services.

The new discovery experience is possible through a data exchange agreement signed in 2013 by OCLC and ProQuest to enhance library discovery for users of WorldCat Discovery Services and the ProQuest Central full-text database. The program shares metadata from some of the world’s most-widely used library collections, enriching the content and creating connections for users of both ProQuest Central and WorldCat Discovery.

“ProQuest’s focus is on supporting libraries by developing seamless research experiences for their users,” said Kurt Sanford, ProQuest CEO. “We’re working within ProQuest to make that happen and also working with organizations outside of ProQuest. This collaboration with OCLC is a great example.”

“OCLC member libraries that subscribe to these popular ProQuest databases can now easily access the full-text of this content through the discovery service of their choice,” said Skip Prichard, OCLC President and CEO. “OCLC and ProQuest are committed to finding new ways to collaborate to benefit libraries and their users.”


Content providers around the world partner with OCLC to improve library workflows for electronic content

OCLC has finalised agreements with 17 publishers around the world to add valuable electronic collections to the WorldCat database, the most comprehensive online catalog of resources available through libraries worldwide.

Incorporating bibliographic data that link to these collections into WorldCat and the WorldCat knowledge base will reduce the cost of managing these resources and provide immediate access for libraries that subscribe to or want to purchase these collections.

Amongst these is an agreement with CSIRO Publishing. CSIRO Publishing based in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, operates as an independent science and technology publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services. The publishing program covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, including agriculture, the plant and animal sciences and environmental management. CSIRO Publishing will be providing OCLC with their books and journals.

The following new agreements with leading content providers have recently been signed and their collections will be added to WorldCat over the next few months:

Both WorldCat and the WorldCat knowledge base continue to grow with new providers and collections. For more information on current content lists, please visit WorldCat and WorldCat knowledge base.


CONTENTdm "quick start" in Australia and New Zealand

CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software can make everything in your digital collections available to everyone, everywhere. No matter the format—local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video—CONTENTdm can handle the storage, management and delivery of your collections to users across the Web.

Amlib, VDX, WorldShare Management Services, and WorldCat Discovery Services customers are eligible to receive CONTENTdm "quick start" FREE of charge. TePuna members are also eligible for this offer.

The offer includes:

  • The CONTENTdm software hosted by OCLC
  • Three Project Clients for building your digital collections
  • 10GB of storage for up to 3,000 digital items

If you find that your requirements exceed any of these limits, we’ll work with you to review purchasing options to continue seamless growth of your collections.

Please contact australia@oclc.org for more information.


CONTENTdm Featured Collection:
City of Armadale

Organisations worldwide are using CONTENTdm digital collection management software to create thousands of outstanding digital collections and to provide easy access to their unique holdings.

Our featured collection for March-April is Picture Armadale.

"Welcome to Picture Armadale. Here you can discover historical images of the lives and landscapes that make up the City of Armadale and the townships within. The collections in Picture Armadale continue to grow with images that will let you explore our city’s past and present".


OCLC Staff

OCLC would like to extend a warm welcome to three new staff members

OCLC would like to extend a warm welcome to three new staff members based in our Melbourne, Australia office: Jacinta Cloney; Sally Cummings; and Tony Mason. Each will make a valuable addition to our team and their varied backgrounds will be a great complement to the expertise already contained in the Australian operation.

Jacinta Cloney

Jacinta Cloney, Library Technology Consultant

Hello, my name is Jacinta Cloney and in January I relocated to Melbourne with my family from Canberra. I have joined OCLC as the Library Technology Consultant for the Melbourne office. As a qualified librarian, I previously worked at the Australian National University Library in Canberra as the Document Supply Services Coordinator and was involved with implementing VDX and WorldShare ILL.  Over my 15 years in the library industry I have gained experience in libraries as diverse as the High Court of Australia, the Australian Catholic University, the Australian Defence Force Academy Library (which included contracts with the Canberra Hospital and Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and the Rosary Primary School Library in Canberra. I am looking forward to working at OCLC and with the wider library community (being in the Aussie Rules capital of the world will also be a bonus – go the Mighty Blues!)

Sally Cummings

Sally Cummings, Customer Support Consultant

I’m Sally Cummings, and I’m very happy to have recently joined the OCLC team in Melbourne as a Customer Support Consultant. I’ve just moved back to my home town of Melbourne after three years in the Northern Territory, where I was the health liaison librarian at Charles Darwin University. I’ve also worked at the Victorian Parliamentary Library, Victoria University Library, and the Department of Defence in Canberra (in my pre-library career). I enjoy exploring how new technologies can contribute to innovative library services, and I’m an active user of social media for extending my professional development, sharing ideas and communicating with other librarians.

Tony Mason

Tony Mason, Customer Support Consultant

My name is Tony Mason and I’m just starting out as an Amlib Customer Support Consultant.  I’ve recently returned to Melbourne from a year in Canberra where I worked at the National Library of Australia, the Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia and the ABC.  Before that I taught in Primary Schools as a grade one and two teacher.  I’m very excited about joining the OCLC as this role allows me to combine my experience in teaching, information management and customer service into one role.  There still is a great deal to learn about Amlib and the other products OCLC offers but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.

OCLC Video

OCLC Releases Video of “The Hope and the Hype of MOOCs” Symposium

OCLC has posted video of the The Hope and the Hype of MOOCs” Symposium which took place in Philadelphia on January 24, 2014 during the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Embeded clips from the Symposiums Keynote/Introduction, Panel Debate & Discussion, and Highlights from the Symposium can be found here

OCLC Publications

OCLC Preview 194 Million Open Bibliographic Work Descriptions

At the recent OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting Richard Wallis and Ted Fons presented on OCLCs continuing insight into The Power of Shared Data, and the evolving data strategy for the bibliographic data behind WorldCat

Demonstrating on-going progress towards implementing the strategy, two upcoming significant announcements on the WorldCat data front were previewed:

  1. The release of 194 Million Open Linked Data Bibliographic Work descriptions
  2. The WorldCat Linked Data Explorer interface

More information on these innovations can be found here.

OCLC Events

School Library Conference (WA)

Date: Friday 11 April - Saturday 12 April, 2014
Location: Scotch College, Swanbourne, Western Australia

Presented by the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA) Libraries and the Western Australian School Library Association (WASLA). AISWA Libraries and WASLA aim to provide quality professional development and networking opportunities for professionals in the school libraries field by bringing leading authors and the very best in literature and technology to participants of the School Library Conference (WA) 2014.

OCLC look forward to attending the School Library Conference (WA) and discussing what's new at OCLC with you.

For more information please contact australia@oclc.org