OCLC Abstracts

26 December 2013  /  Vol. 16 No. 51  /  ISSN 1932-4847

The next issue of OCLC Abstracts will be January 6, 2014.


OCLC Research work analyzing system-wide print library services and collections documented in new report

Understanding the Collective Collection: Towards a System-wide Perspective on Library Print Collections brings together the work that OCLC Research has done for the community in providing a quantitative, analytic, system-wide view of library collections. This body of work has established an evidence base that has allowed and encouraged libraries to begin the shift from local provisioning of library collections and services to increased reliance on cooperative infrastructure, collective collections, shared technology platforms, and “above-the-institution” management strategies. More »


IBM predicts five technologies that will change the world in the next five years

IBM has released its annual 5 in 5 technology predictions, highlighting what the company thinks will come to the forefront in the next five years. More »


Member story: Doing more with less at Cedar Crest College

During a conference presentation, Mary Beth Freeh, Director of Cressman Library, shared this story about her library’s experience with OCLC WorldShare Management Services. More »

What keeps you up at night? Check out NextSpace issue #22 online

The latest edition of NextSpace, the OCLC membership magazine, is now online. The cover story focuses on top-of-mind issues that keep librarians up at night—and what they plan to do about them. Six librarians from different types of institutions at different stages in their careers were interviewed to get a range of views on the challenges facing the profession. We found diverse thoughts and ideas but also shared concerns and common ground despite the librarians being from vastly different environments that serve vastly different populations. More »

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24 January 2014

ALA Midwinter 2014

Join your OCLC cooperative colleagues in Philadelphia at ALA Midwinter 2014.


7 January 2014

Are you ready to move library services to the cloud?

Get the big picture on cloud-based services and see how these services give libraries opportunities for collaboration and improved efficiency.

Venue: Webinar

Time: 2:00–3:00 PM U.S. EST [UTC -5]


14 January 2014

Driven by Shared Data: An Interactive Web chat with fellow librarians

In 2013, the OCLC community explored the concept of shared data and the implications for libraries during the Collective Insight series. Now, we would like you to share ideas on how to leverage shared data and strengthen the services you provide.

Venue: Webinar

Time: 02:00 AM–03:00 PM U.S. EST [UTC -5]



OCLC member libraries around the world.

Haute école pédagogique Vaud
Lausanne, Switzerland
OCLC symbol: CHHPV

Woodvale Library
Joondalup, Australia
OCLC symbol: ATWOD

Franciscan School of Theology
Oceanside, California, USA
OCLC symbol: FSSLR

Chamberlain College of Nursing, Cleveland campus
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
OCLC symbol: CCNCV

Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire Fribourg
Fribourg, Switzerland
OCLC symbol: CHFRB


Number of WorldCat Local Holdings records.


WorldCat is the world’s most comprehensive database of library materials. Updated at a rate of nearly one new record every second, WorldCat contains bibliographic records and holdings contributed by more than 11,000 libraries around the world. Learn more »