Free and open to all!
OCLC Meeting and Symposium on "Transformational Literacy"


Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | noon – 5:00 p.m.
World Trade & Convention Centre | Halifax, Nova Scotia
Visit us in OCLC Booth #99

You are invited to attend the OCLC Americas Regional Council (ARC) Member Meeting and OCLC Canada Symposium on Transformational Literacy: life stages and libraries, museums and archives. This event will take place on May 25 as a pre-conference session at the Canadian Library Association's (CLA) National Conference and Trade Show. It is free and open to all, and lunch will be provided.

OCLC Meeting

First, you will hear from Daniel Boivin, Executive Director, OCLC Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, as he shares some of the latest innovations in cooperative services. Then Americas Regional Council (ARC) Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, Bill Maes (Dalhousie University) will lead a discussion on the current and future initiatives of the cooperative's member-leadership team.

Symposium on Transformational Literacy: life stages and libraries, museums and archives

Every day, libraries help people transform their lives. But nowhere is that role more apparent—and important—as when people move from one life stage to another. Join us for a discussion on the need for information and preparation during these vital “between” stages. Whether the move is from high school to college, adult to parent, during a job transition, retirement or any other important life change, the need for information support and literacy is more acute at these times than at any other in our users’ lives.


Keynote Speaker: DeNel Rehberg Sedo

Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University

DeNel Rehberg Sedo is a communication scholar by training, and passionate about reading and libraries, she is the co-director of the international collaborative project, ‘Beyond the Book: Mass Reading Events and Contemporary Cultures of Reading in the UK, USA and Canada.’ DeNel’s published and on-going research includes work on cultural literacy in historical and contemporary book groups. 

She’s also interested in literacy and pedagogy in non-traditional environments, such as Second Life and other social networking sites. DeNel is editor of and a multiple contributor to Reading Communities from Salons to Cyberspace, which is in the final stages of printing at Palgrave/Macmillan.  Recent publication links and information can be found on her personal blog under the page called "My Research." Dr. Rehberg Sedo's professional experience is in agency and not-for-profit communications, volunteer and employee management, and marketing and market research.  She is the owner of Inquiry Ink, a research consultancy that specializes in qualitative research services. She has presented her work on many occasions in the past five years, including invitations to speak in Mexico and Canada to both scholars and librarians.


Panelist: Tom Hickerson

Vice Provost, Libraries and Cultural Resources, and University Librarian, University of Calgary

After more than 20 years in universities, Tom Hickerson (Vice Provost and University Librarian) arrived at the University of Calgary in 2006 ready to implement his vision of what a research library should be. Bringing together libraries, archives, museums, and the university press for the benefit of scholars, Hickerson is building a 21st century research facility in the heart of campus.

The Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) will house a "collection of the future" integrating access to traditional print, museum, and archival materials with digital and three-dimensional objects, media formats and onsite broadcasting and telecommunications. Technology will be the vital foundation of the building, providing users with the tools to synthesize information in all formats and create new knowledge. An organic facility that produces unexpected learning outcomes, the TFDL will feature collaboration across campus and beyond, a converged organization, and new and traditional content that will meet the research, pedagogical and social needs of current and future generations of scholars.


Panelist: David Pantalony

Curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine, Canada Science and Technology Museum; Adjunct Professor, Department of History, University of Ottawa

David Pantalony is curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, as well as Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa. He developed the annual Reading Artifacts Summer Institute at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in order to give graduate students from across Canada (and other countries) exposure to hands-on collection-based activities in a national museum setting.

Participants from a wide spectrum of disciplines immerse themselves in the museum's collections gaining a renewed appreciation for artifacts and the multiple, unpredictable stories they tell. David's passion for developing new artifact-based teaching methods derives from his work in dozens of smaller science and medicine collections throughout North America and Europe, representing a vast, untapped resource for local learning.


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