OCLC offers a range of solutions to support the digital life cycle of your special collections. Whether you have digital collections of photos, audio/video files, documents, newspapers, maps or any combination of materials, OCLC can provide the expertise and services you need.

Join us and our special guest speakers --including Rob Behary of Duquesne University, Sally McDonald of Denver Public Library and Katherine Ryner of St. Mary’s College of Maryland-- to learn more about services available to help you to digitize your special collections, to preserve your digital master files and to share your collections on the Web more easily with CONTENTdm Hosting Services.

Learn how to build preservation into your digital library workflow with OCLC’s Digital Archive

If you missed this recent webinar, you can listen to the webinar recording.

Sally McDonald, Digitization Technician at the Denver Public Library talked about their use of OCLC’s Digital Archive and how they use it to ensure the preservation of their digital master files and as part of their digital content workflows in mind. And Judy Cobb, OCLC, talked about how the Digital Archive provides a safe and secure storage environment for you to easily manage and monitor the health of your master files and digital originals.

Learn what to consider when outsourcing your library’s digitization project

If you missed this recent webinar, you can listen to the webinar recording.

Katherine Ryner, Associate Director of the Library & Head of Collections Support Services at St Mary’s College of Maryland described a newspaper digitization project at her college, including content preparation, metadata creation, working with the vendor, review and adjustments to the preliminary collection and final deployment to the public.

Rob Behary, Systems Librarian, Duquesne University shared cases where institutional mission helped drive digitization decisions and secure funds for digitization projects like the library’s newspaper collection, the Pittsburgh Catholic. Additionally, Rob shared how the library’s partnership with vendors helped bring collections online in a relatively short period of time.

OCLC partners with Backstage Library Works and Creekside Digital, both organizations can manage a variety of digitization projects and provide a wide range of additional services from data entry to OCR (optical character recognition) processing.

Learn all about the benefits of CONTENTdm Hosting Services

If you missed this recent webinar, you can listen to the webinar recording.

Managing the servers and software for your digital collections can be time consuming. There are upgrades to new releases, daily backups of data, year-round monitoring of all system hardware, as well as security issues. What’s more, today’s current economic conditions and reduced budgets have made matters worse. As a result, many library staff have inquired about CONTENTdm’s Hosting Services, an affordable option which alleviates many of these problems.

Taylor Surface, OCLC Senior Product Manager, and Erik Mayer, OCLC Senior Product Support Specialist, explained what the services include, the logistics of how OCLC hosts CONTENTdm users, what it means to have CONTENTdm Hosting Services, as well as how to plan for and manage the migration to Hosting Services.